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Coronavirus support

Chipsteadcovid19 is a help scheme that has been established by certain members of the CVPS and CRA working together under the leadership of Simon Kolesar.

It is hard to know the number of people who will need assistance over the coming months as many will hopefully be getting direct assistance from friends and family and there is the prospect of a Government scheme for those with serious underlying medical conditions. Also, some shops and pharmacies will provide delivery services and Kiru at the newsagents in Station Approach is offering to extend his newspaper service to other goods he stocks. Chipsteadcovid19 is not intended to replace these processes.

The scheme involves:-

Small teams of Road volunteers who will provide shopping and prescription collection support to the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions who are self-isolating.

A separate team of Pastoral volunteers who will make themselves available for calling, and being called, by lonely or worried people. This team is being run on a centralised basis by Lilly. If you would like a chat please call her on 07928890393, give her your name and she will find someone to call you.

There are two groups of people may need help with shopping and picking up prescriptions:

  1.    Those who are self-isolating because they are at high risk from catching the virus (the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions), 

  2.    Those who are self-isolating because they may have, or actually do have, the virus.

We regret that at this stage the Chipstead scheme is only designed to provide assistance to the first group.  There is simply too much risk to the volunteers themselves, and of them spreading the virus further, if they try to provide support to those that are likely to have the infection. 

Road volunteers

These ‘Road volunteers’ will distribute flyers in their area describing what they can do and giving their own contact details. They will carry out what shopping is required and recover the costs involved.

We must emphasise that volunteers will need reimbursement for any purchases by cash, cheque or preferably online payment

Details of the support groups are set out below. This will be updated as more people volunteer:

Bouverie Road







 Steve & Clare


07921 683350

07815 574325

07894 669466

07703 404066

07956 416442


Bridge Way


07307 571930

Castle Road

(included in High Road South)



Chipstead Station

(included in Outwood Lane North)



Chipstead Valley Way


07533 546010

Chipstead Way

(included in Outwood Lane North)


07968 865048

Cleave Prior

(Included with Outwood Lane South)



Coulsdon Lane

 Tim and Jane


 Simon and Nicola

07854 175053

07776 184383

07887 735406

Court Hill


 07721 414537

Dacre Close

(Included with Outwood Lane North)



Dene Close

(Included in Outwood Lane South )



Doghurst Lane

+ Hazelwood Lane




07951 527887

07970 218973

07598 912979

Elmore Road


07771 785247

Farm Close

(Included in Doghurst)



Grange Close

(Included in Hazelwood)



Hazel Way

(Included in Walpole Avenue)



Hazelwood Lane

(included in Doghurst Lane)





High Road North  (north of Sturrock Road)

+ Vincent Close

+ Vincent Green






07702 859828

07910 129994

07841 215888

07881 803949

07870 555944

High Road South  (south of Sturrock Road)

+ Castle Road






07956 251610

07954 705584

07961 127842

07944 304643






07981 016122

07790 159132

07970 385107

Hollymead Road



07789 274940

07939 503498

Hollymeoak Road


07801 141947

How Lane

+Yew Tree Close




07887 777281

07802 936705

07545 236086

Lackford Road




 07850 975910

07740 943230

07780 336074

Lissoms Road

(Included with Bouverie)



Longridge View

(Included in Hazelwood)



Lower Park Road

(Included in Outwood Lane)



Middlefield Close

(Included in Outwood Lane)



Old Oak Avenue


 07583 928708

Outwood Lane South (south of Station Approach)

+ Middlefield Close

+ Dene Close

+ Lower Park

+ Stagbury House

+ Cleve Prior

+ Cottages south of viaduct going to Kingswood








 07973 174977

07725 131085

07918 701734

07827 499736

07977 907566

Outwood Lane North (north of Station Approach)

+ Chipstead Way

+ Dacre Close

+ Station Approach

+ Chipstead Station

 Nick & Mary




 07747 444262

07968 865048

07971 185436

07590 697885

Portnalls Road

(included in Rickman)


Rickman Hill Road






07956 256200

07771 932898

07971 388697

07380 940213

Stagbury Avenue


07583 928708

Stagbury Close


07960 589979

Stagbury House

(Included in Outwood Lane South)



Starrock Lane




 Sarah & John


 07595 022685

07791 621724

07807 720250

07506 773495

07971 428302

Station Approach

(included in Outwood Lane North)

 Scheme not active - more volunteers needed


Vincents Close

(Included with High Rd North)



Vincents Green

(included with High Rd North)



Walpole Avenue

+ Hazel Way


 Nilesh and Tarlika


 07855 060794

07889 719853

07799 885135

Yew Tree Close

(Included with How Lane)






Markedge Lane



07508 271967

07767 292141

Hogscross Lane





07503 151890

07960 004009

07771 902171

















































































































Making our lanes and roads safer

With the strong support of Surrey Police, the village Speedwatch volunteers discourage drivers from travelling too fast along our roads and lanes. Last year, working in teams of three, 75 watches were completed, from which the police sent 767 warning notices to law-breaking drivers of cars, vans and motorbikes.

With more volunteers prepared to join an hour-long watch two or three times a month, we could up the number of checks and do more to discourage driving at speed – the average for those reported to the police is 10 mph above the limit, i.e. going at 40 or 50 along our winding, narrow streets and clearly a danger to other road users.

At present we cover Outwood Lane (by far the busiest and speed-prone, averaging 16 offences per hour of monitoring), with others at Police-approved sites in High Road, Hollymead and Hazelwood.

Volunteers need to be 18 and over, will be trained by the police, but some of our stalwarts are in their late 70s or early 80.  Interested?  Contact Richard Wagner, Speedwatch Co-ordinator,

Chipstead Cinema

Curzon County Cinema aims to present a wide variety of films to the general public in manner that replicates, as far as possible, the way that visiting the cinema in years gone by used to be such a pleasurable and entertaining experience. They show popular films in a number of village halls in Surrey and from September 2019 this will include Chipstead.

 On the last Tuesday of each month a feature length film will be shown in the Peter Aubertin Hall. Doors open at 7.00pm and the film will start at 7.30. Tickets are £6. They can be bought at the door on the night or on-line in advance at



Chipstead and Hooley Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

Hooley Rainbows - girls aged 5 to 7 years meet in the Peter Aubertin Hall, High Road, Chipstead.

Wednesday afternoons - 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Guider in charge - Mrs Dinah Mabbutt,

Tel: 01737 553151

2nd Chipstead Brownies - girls aged 7 to 10 years meet in the Peter Aubertin Hall.

Fridays 5pm to 6.30pm

Guider in charge - Mrs Lesley Marshall

Tel: 01737 554623

2nd Chipstead Guides - girls aged 10 to 14 years meet in the Peter Aubertin Hall.

Fridays 6.45pm to 8.45pm.

Guider in charge - Mrs Shirley Page

Tel: 01737 556979

 Subscriptions for all units are paid on a term basis and can vary, therefore up to date information should be obtained from the relevant guider when enquiring. 

The overall objective of each unit is to fulfil the objectives of the Guide Association in assisting girls and young women to fulfil their potential to take an active and responsible role in society. This is done through a variety of different activities including badge work for brownies and guides, crafts, outdoor events, themed meetings to cover specific topics and occasional overnight stays. These are all undertaken at varying levels according to age and ability. Older girls are encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities and work towards a leadership qualification. All newcomers welcome.

Chipstead Evening Women’s Institute

The Chipstead  Evening WI meet the first Tuesday of the month in the Peter Aubertin Hall at 8pm, with a variety of speakers from light hearted talks to more serious discussions.

We also have a varied programme each month  - with outings, walks, book, art and needlecraft clubs, theatre and supper groups. Annual subscription  - £42

New members welcome.


Jill Lindsay  -  01737551634
e mail –

Katherine Goldsmith  - 01737552467
email -

15th Reigate (Chipstead) Scout Group

Headquarters: The Scout Hut, Castle Road, Chipstead, Surrey, CR5 3NS. All sections open to both male and female members. Volunteers to assist are always welcome - training and uniform provided.

Beavers: Age 6 to 8. Meet on Tuesdays from 5.00 to 6.15pm. Contact Linda Brockwell e mail
Cubs: Age 8 to 10 ½. Meet on Tuesdays from 6.30 to 8.00pm. Contact John Glenn e mail
Scouts: Age 10 ½ to 14. Meet Friday evenings 7.00 to 9.00pm Contact Andrew Sutcliffe e mail Joint meetings are held with 9th Reigate Scout Unit (Lower Kingswood) with meetings held at each unit HQ as appropriate
Explorers: Age 14 to 18. There is no Explorer Scout Unit but contact Andrew Sutcliffe 01737-224228 to discuss options.

Serving the community as County and Borough Councillors are: 



Mr Ken Gulati

25 Colcokes Road
Banstead SM7 2EJ



Mr Tim Archer

Somerton Cottage

Coulsdon Lane



Hooley Residents Association

Chairman and Secretary: Danny Daniels

Tel: 01737 551 482

E mail:

The HRA Committee meets about once a quarter together with one or more of the local councillors and usually Ken Gulati our Surrey County Councillor.