Chipstead Village


A New Book on Chipstead’s History

Our local resident, Jon Grant, has just published a new book entitled “Discovering Old Chipstead”. This excellent book covers the history of the village from pre-history to the present day and each chapter is set within the context of the major national political, economic and social events happening at the time, which is most helpful in illustrating the reasons behind the development of the village.

This book is the latest history of Chipstead since “A History of Chipstead” by Charles Pringle in 1984 and “Memories of the 20th Century” by Francis O’Donnell in 1999. It is Jon’s third book since “Discovering Ancient Britain” and “Discovering Old London” and has the same clarity and simplicity of writing which makes it such an enjoyable read. The book also complements the work done by Rupert Courtenay-Evans and myself on the “Village Archive” and “A History” sections on the Chipstead website.

The book is priced at £10.00 and can be purchased from the Corner Shop in Station Parade. Profits will go to the CVPS.

Barry Pepper