Chipstead Village


Village Archive

The Village Archive offers a wonderful exploration of Chipstead through the ages, mainly seen through the writings of residents, past and present.

It is the brainchild of our Village Archivist, Rupert Courtenay Evans, who is also custodian of the many historic books and photograph albums which form the village archive.

In 2011 Rupert and Barry Pepper, the Chipstead website manager, decided that it would be a good idea to digitise the most important  parts of the written archive so that all the valuable historic material could become accessible to a much wider audience.

So here is the result – we hope you enjoy it!

The Hooley of Yesteryear by Charles Gasson (1906-2003)

Charlie Gasson – a Hooley Legend - Charles Albert Gasson was a true man of Hooley and a true countryman. He was born in 1906 at No. 3, Star Cottages, next to the Star Inn (all now demolished) on the Brighton Road. He died in 2003 at East Surrey Hospital, aged 96. Charlie went to Chipstead school for 10 years from the age of 4, and became a member of St. Margaret’s Church choir and a bell ringer before retiring after 70 years! Continuing his association with the church, Charlie married Edith Crouch, the daughter of the Verger and Sexton, and their only child Peter was born in 1933.

Charles Young - Chipstead's errant rector

In 1901 Chipstead's vicar was found guilty of drunkeness and indulgence in immoral conduct. This is his story.

Education and the Formation of Character by the late Angela Wright

Angela Wright lived in Chipstead for 35 years. She is probably best known for her wonderful mezzo soprano singing voice with the Banstead Operatic Society, and also solo performances at various events in the PA Hall.

A Profile of Canon Andrew Britton B.A.Oxon, M.Sc.Lond.

Andrew Britton is very well known to the congregation of St Margaret’s and anyone connected with the Church.