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22/02292/HH - Brambledown Church Lane Hooley

Proposed part single, part two storey rear and side extension. Proposed garage extension, new canopy over front porch and reinstatement of existing chimney. As amended on 24/10/2022; 11/11/2022 and on 18/11/2022. Permission granted.

The application site consists of a two-storey detached house set in a generous plot in Coulsdon. The surrounding properties are largely of a similar nature.  Opposite the site is an area of open land designated as Metropolitan Greenbelt, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an Area of Great Landscape Value.  The CRA has the following comments:

  1. The design raises substantial concerns regarding the amount of the built form proposed for a site so close to the Green Belt, an Area of Great Landscape Value and an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, transition to the abutting green space should be carefully considered.  The layout and siting of the proposed extensions, both in themselves and in relation to adjoining buildings, spaces and views, is inappropriate and unsympathetic to the appearance and character of the local environment.
  2. Any proposal for development is required by Council policies not to cause harm to the amenity of neighbouring dwellings particularly as regards dominance or overshadowing. The character of the area is of low-density dwellings on large plots.  The elevation plans show how dominant the proposed development would be of the neighbouring property that is set at a lower ground level. The size, depth and mass of the proposed extensions and wall will be overbearing resulting in visual intrusion, loss of privacy and would adversely impinge upon the amenity of the neighbouring property.  
  3. The current proposal for a single storey side and two-storey rear extension, with additional parapet wall, replaces a single storey garage of modest proportions that is located a comfortable distance from the neighbouring boundary. This development would create a materially larger and significantly longer structure that would be on the boundary, moving built form that is twice the size of the existing single storey garage onto the boundary line.  Given the neighbouring property on the eastern boundary is set at a lower level, as the road slopes downwards, the creation of a substantially higher and longer new wall, on the boundary line has a directly adverse and detrimental impact upon the immediate aspect of the neighbouring property.  This proposal would also create a very unwelcome, terraced look to an area of single detached dwellings on good sized plots. 
  4. The mass, bulk and proximity of the side and two storey rear extensions would present an intrusive element to those neighbours on the boundary of the property.  This type of extension is out of character with the layout and pattern of development in this semi-rural area especially the oversized and extensive single storey flank wall.  
  5. The proposed extensions, by reason of their size, siting and design would represent an unneighbourly form of development, detrimental to the amenities of the occupiers of adjoining residential property, particularly by reason of the overbearing effect.  This would result in an unacceptable loss of privacy, adversely affecting the amenities enjoyed by the occupier of the adjacent dwelling house.
  6. The proposed extensions, by reason of their scale and bulk, would be out of keeping with the design and character of the existing dwelling, and would have an adverse effect on the visual amenity of the area.
  7. The location plan with the application documents showing the location and overall position of Brambledown, in relation to the neighbouring properties, does not appear to be in line with the actual physical location of the properties themselves. Plan 2209-03-A-101 and 2209-03-A-200 show the size of the existing garage at Brambledown and its distance from the boundary with its neighbouring property.  However, 2209-03-A-100 shows the existing garage on the boundary line.  Similarly, 2209-03-A-202 shows Brambledown’s other neighbouring property, Meadowview, but this appears to have been similarly misplaced so that it sits on the boundary with Brambledown. Reviewing the properties on Google maps or indeed a site visit can confirm the issue.  These details need to be rectified.     
  8. Impact upon and loss of substantial trees and mature hedging on the neighbouring site, because of the proposed extensions is a major concern especially with the inclusion of a 13m long parapet wall on the boundary. The Tree & Landscape Officer should be consulted.

It is requested that this application be refused.

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