Chipstead Village


22/00378/S73 - former Hedgeside Walpole Avenue Chipstead

Construction of 2 new detached 2 storey properties with new site access and arboricultural works off Hazel Way. Variation of Condition 1 of Permission: 18/00213/F - Amendments to include the provision of two separate accesses from Hazel Way and alterations to the landscape scheme. Amended plans submitted 4 July 2022. Closing date for comments 2 August 2022. Awaiting decision.

The CRA object to this revised application, the additional information provided in no way justifies the two entrances that have been built although the appeal decision, the planning permission granted and the condition set was for one access point for these two additional houses.  Even now the information submitted for approval with this application fails to show the coach lamps that sit on top of the 1.8m brick pillars, a further urbanising feature in this semi-rural area.

Despite the permission granted quite clearly stating that, as per the plans submitted and commitments made, there should be one access point for these two additional dwellings, nonetheless the applicant built two.  The applicant committed to building one driveway, submitted plans to this effect to discharge the condition but nonetheless built two driveways with each with separate and additional entrance features.

When the application for 2 additional houses on this site, opening onto Hazel Way, was submitted, it was refused and went to appeal. The Planning Inspectorate’s main concern about a design that had two entrance points opening onto Hazel Way, was the effect it would have upon the character and appearance of Hazel Way. The Inspector considered that the opening up of two new driveways created an obtrusive feature in the street scene and detracted from the semi-rural character of the lane. Nothing has changed since this judgement to make opening up two driveways onto Hazel Way acceptable or to overturn the Inspector’s view.

In line with the Inspector’s views, the applicant submitted a revised application, changing the design and site layout resulting in a proposal where the two additional dwellings shared one access point onto Hazel Way. As a result, planning permission was granted and the one access point and certain boundary treatment were made a condition of the planning permission in order to preserve the visual amenity of the area and protect neighbouring residential amenities.

The application to discharge the access and boundary condition (18/00213/ DET08) was submitted in January 2021.  The layout plan that forms the essential part of this application showed one entrance although work had already started on two access points. Permission was granted on 26 March 2021 for one access point for the two houses. Despite this, the applicant had already cut out 2 driveways into Hazel Way with separate entrance features, one with 6-foot brick pillars. This issue was reported to Enforcement on 3rd May 2021 for remedial action, resulting in a retrospective application being submitted some 10 months later.

There is no evidence provided with this application to support changing the permission from one access to two, other than the fact that two have been built. Indeed, the same arguments against two access points remain - they are an obtrusive urbanising feature that impacts adversely on Hazel Way’s semi-rural nature and have an adverse impact upon neighbouring residential amenity.

The CRA believe that this application should be refused.  This retrospective application if granted permission would be legitimising not only ignoring the planning process and the permission granted but also the sentiments and concerns about the adverse impact upon Chipstead that had framed the original permission and conditions set.


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