Chipstead Village


LBC - 22/01856/F – 29 Hollymeoak Road, Coulsdon

Demolition of the existing dwelling and erection of 2 pairs of 3 storey semi-detached dwellings, provision of associated landscaping, parking, cycle and refuse storage. UPDATE 31 July - Refused as an inappropriate subdivision of the plot, appearing cramped and contrived and would be out of keeping with the spacious and verdant character of the area.

The CRA has continuing objections to this further revised application for this site.  The principal issues are:

(i) The adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area and the visual amenity of the street scene.

(ii) The adverse impact on the amenities of the occupiers of the adjoining and neighbouring properties

(iii) The inappropriate nature of the proposed development for this area.

(1) Council policy requires all new development to contribute to enhancing a sense of place and improving the character of an area. Development should respect the character of that area and have regard to the form and layout of existing and adjacent dwellings, privacy and maintenance of sunlight/ daylight.  The proposed design for 4 x 3-storey buildings with large windows on the front elevation, spanning 2 storeys, would be a significant overdevelopment of this site and have an adverse impact upon it.   

(2) It would not be in keeping with the area or the form and layout of adjacent properties. It also raises substantial concerns regarding the amount of the built form proposed for a site so close to the Green Belt and one which falls within an Archaeological Priority Area.  This area has already had a significant amount of inappropriate infill development that is adversely impacting the whole character of the area.  This quantity of built form is not consistent with the rhythm of the existing properties in this area where large verdant front gardens are characteristic of the area and not ones that will be car dominated. Two x two storey dwellings would fit better in this location and be more appropriate.   

(3) The frontage of the development will be car dominated, being laid out with 6 general parking spaces and 1 wheelchair compliant for the 4 x 4bed dwellings.  There will be insufficient parking for a development of this size. There are no garages so all cars will have to be parked in the front garden area.  The spaces are not designated to any particular person except for the wheelchair compliant.  As these four dwellings are designed as family accommodation where it is likely that more than 1 car will be the norm, especially in this location, this may lead to neighbour disputes as a first home gets the parking spaces situation.  There is no parking provision for visitors.  There is nowhere to safely park in surrounding roads and accessibility is poor in this area with no pavements for pedestrians and no cycle paths.  Overflow parking in Hollymeoak Road itself would be dangerous to other road users on this busy, commuting cut-through. 

(4) On this road, it is essential that there is a realistic Construction & Transport Plan is produced to be completely transparent as to where workers and deliveries will park and this should be available to the residents for comment.  The current application states that the building operatives will be asked to cycle and walk to the site as there is minimal parking.  This would suggest that staff live locally if they are cycling and walking but there is no supporting information of this provided and it will be enforced only by “toolbox talks”.  It is important that there is a named site manager whose contact details are provided to neighbouring properties so that in the event of complaints there is a clearly accountable individual they can be contacted and who will respond.

(5) There is only one area designated for bulk waste for 4 houses by the parking of the second group of houses as there is insufficient space to allocate such an area for each house or each group of houses.  The waste disposal areas are situated at the rear of the properties requiring the bins to be brought forward to a refuse disposal area with three of the properties having to take their bins to one location whilst the fourth property has a location to itself.  This is poorly designed and is evidence of the overdevelopment of the site.  

It is requested that this application be refused.

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