Chipstead Village


LB Croydon – 22/01464/FUL – 31 Hollymeoak Road

Demolition of the existing house and side garage and erection of four storey building to provide 8 units with associated new vehicular access, car parking, cycle/refuse storage and soft/hard landscaping. Deadline for comment 13 May 2022.

The Council policies state that it will require all new development to contribute to enhancing a sense of place and improving the character of the area. Development should respect the character of the area and have regard to the form and layout of existing and adjacent dwellings, privacy and maintenance of sunlight or daylight.  Any proposal should not cause harm to the amenity of neighbouring dwellings particularly as regards dominance or overshadowing. This four-storey block at 31 Hollymeoak will be dominant in the road out of all proportion.  With the scale, bulk, mass and depth of the design, this development would be a discordant feature in this verdant setting detrimental to the character of the area.

The 8 flats are configured for multiple occupants totalling 32 residents. This is an opportunist, overdevelopment of the site that is banking on development being granted permission at 29 Hollymeoak. 

The frontage of the development will be car dominated, being laid out with 10 parking spaces.  Even with these 10 parking spaces, there will be insufficient parking for the 6 family size units that form 75% of the development where it is likely that more than one family member will have a car, especially in this location.  At one parking space per flat, there is one parking space for visitors or deliveries.  There is nowhere to safely park in surrounding roads and parking on Hollymeoak Road itself would be dangerous to other road users on this busy, commuting cut-through.  There is only one entrance and exit with no space for vehicles to drive in and turn to exit in forward gear when cars are parked.  Accessibility is poor in this area with no pavements for pedestrians and no cycle paths.

The size, depth and mass of the dwelling will be dominant and overbearing of neighbouring properties especially given the sloping nature of the road.  This adversely impinges on the immediate aspect and amenity of neighbouring properties.  Development proposals are required not to cause harm to the amenity of neighbouring dwellings particularly as regards dominance or overshadowing. The artist’s impressions show how dominant the proposed development would be of neighbouring properties especially

There is a mature hedge on both sides of this site that provides a green boundary, visual amenity but also screening to maintain privacy.  Clearly with such a significant increase in the size of the development, this screening effect will not work because of the additional storeys and mass.  Nonetheless, as a mature boundary hedge and visual amenity, it should be protected from damage  

Should permission be granted, every effort must be made to ensure that the developer makes clear where the construction workers and delivery vehicles will be parking.  Residents should be provided with a contact point for the on-site staff so that they can contact someone in authority should any issues arise.  This is a busy commuter road and any obstruction to through traffic will be hazardous to other road users.


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