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21/02364/F - Green Linnets, Wild Woods Outwood Lane

Proposed development of 6, 3-storey, semi-detached houses (4x3-bed and 2x4-bed) in the rear of the plot with new estate road onto Outwood Lane.

An overdevelopment of the site with the aim to maximise profit yield not to design to fit into or enhance the existing environment. The creation of 2 rows of 3-storey houses, all with balconies overlooking the houses below is particularly out of keeping.

The key objections are:

(1) Inappropriate, overdevelopment of a back-garden site that does not reflect or complement the local area and has an adverse impact on existing dwellings.

(2) Intrusive and dominant design, ill-suited to the environment

(3) Inadequate access arrangements

(4) Inadequate provision provided for refuse collection facilities for a development of this size

(5) Cramped and inadequate parking arrangements presenting a car dominated appearance in an area of outstanding natural beauty and landscape value abutting the Green Belt

(6) Removal of mature trees and the visual amenity they provide

(7) Noise nuisance and pollution from the creation of a new estate road running directly past one of the existing properties.

(8) Potential highways danger of a new access/egress with poor sight lines at this point on Outwood Lane, known by Surrey Police to be a road notorious for traffic recorded speeding 

Closing date for residents comments 7th October.

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