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21/02243/ADV - Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead - Fascia signs for Serenity School use.

This is a revised application with changes relating to background colour and size. It is still a retrospective application for the 3 signs that have been erected on the boundary walls facing the road, one by one entrance and 2 either side of the second entrance. The signs are now 29 inches/750mm tall x 49 inches/1240mm wide and the background colour of the signs is a darker shade of blue. Deadline for comment 15 November.

The CRA object to this application. 

This is a rural area where most properties have either a hedge to their frontage or vegetation in front of the boundary treatment, the signs in their current form are inappropriate to the location and:

a. the signs harm the character and appearance of the locality;

b. the size and design of the signs is inappropriate; they neither complement nor enhance the appearance, character and vitality of the area.

c. it is not necessary to have the same vivid signage for 3 entrance signs so close together, they represent visual clutter.  Smaller signs or a reduction in number would be more appropriate in this location. 

d. this is a residential area where advertising signs are unnecessary, potential clients would not select the school on the basis of its street-side advertising. There is only a need to indicate the entrance and exit and the house name and this does not need signs of this size;

e. the signs have an adverse impact on the character, features and appearance of this area;

f. the signs are harmful to the visual amenity of occupiers of neighbouring residential properties.

Removing the vegetation along the boundary wall as has been done, has left this area looking stark and, therefore, the signage stands out as more intrusive especially because of the colour.  

The application should be refused and the signs removed and replaced with ones more in keeping with the location.

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