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21/02160/F - Culligan International UK Ltd Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead

21/02160/F - Culligan International UK Ltd Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead - Demolition and comprehensive redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building to provide mixed use development comprising a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works.

A further application for development but very little different to the one already refused both by RBBC and at appeal.  The key points and objections remain about the parking provision and its design and location; they are still a poor layout, cumbersome and cramped and will require careful navigating with the potential for any overspill to impact the surrounding highway network.  It fails to provide good living conditions for future occupants.  

In view of the previous refusal, appeal decision and the current attempts to fit in all the parking needed for this design onto the site, the obvious conclusion should have been to reduce the number of apartments in the development but that does not appear to have been considered. 

There is very little soft landscaping to disguise what will be a car dominated scene as there is no room for this in the current plans and as part of the site falls within the Metropolitan Green Belt, this lack of landscaping creates an adverse impact upon the character of the area.

In the appeal decision on the previous application, the Inspector, whilst recognising the benefits of the development nonetheless considered the harm the development would cause outweighed the benefits. The CRA consider that this assessment still is applicable to this application and it should be refused in its current form. Deadline for comments 24th September.

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