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Weed problems on Elmore Pond

Sadly crassula helmsii (also known as the New Zealand Pigmyweed or Australian Swamp Stonecrop) has become established in Elmore Pond.

Telephone box refurbished

The telephone box on Vincents Green has recently been refurbished by volunteers on behalf of the Chipstead Village Preservation Society. The opportunity has also been taken to install a graphic showing the various bits of land that the CVPS owns. As well as providing what will hopefully be useful information to those wishing to walk on this land, the graphic also has a marketing purpose. The CVPS currently owns about 50 acres of land and woodland that need to be maintained – grass cut, trees tended and ponds cleared - inevitably this costs money. We are fortunate to have about 200 members who pay a small annual subscription. In a perfect world all Chipstead residents would be members – but it is not a perfect world. If you are not a member please join -an application form can be found as an attachment at the end of CVPS section of this website.

New village sign

Last week a new village road sign was installed on Elmore Road just after the top of Star Lane. This was conceived, arranged and financed by Cherish Chipstead in memory of Peter Morley who contributed so much to Chipstead life before his unfortunate death in 2017. The sign has two historical references. The year 675 – the first written record of Chipstead when about 500 acres of land were given to the newly established Benedictine Abbey at Chertsey and the crossed sword and keys motif that was part of Chertsey Abbey’s coat of arms

Fairy Doors

Come and see them in Embers Shaw