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Plans to expand the AONB within Chipstead

There is an opportunity for you to contribute your views on plans to expand the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Chipstead

The Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Extension

The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) boundary has not been reviewed since its original designation in 1958 and there have been repeated calls by local campaigners to reconsider the boundaries. Natural England has undertaken a review and gathered local views. Based on this it proposing to extend the boundaries in a number of areas and is now undertaking a formal consultation process. The consultation runs until 13 June 2023.

In Chipstead the High Road used to form a boundary. Much of the land to the east was designated AONB and most of the land to the west was excluded. Natural England is now proposing to extend the boundary to include most of the land in the Parish to the west including Shabden Farm, Chipstead Downs and much of Mugswell.

The CVPS submitted its views at an earlier stage and is delighted with Natural England’s plans to extend the area of AONB but is likely to recommend that more be done. In particular, the proposed boundary to the south and west is not very logical and excludes some lovely countryside. In the south it would be more logical to include the triangle of land running down to the M25 (A) and to the west it should include the land currently used by Surrey Downs and Kingswood Golf Clubs (B). There is also a strong case for including the lands to the north of the village that is currently used by Chipstead Golf Club (C).

Local views matter and will help to inform Natural England’s decision on whether to take forward its proposals and, if so, where the boundaries should be. Responses to the consultation can be made online at

A rough map is attached. A full version showing the proposed boundary changes can be seen online, Those that affect Chipstead are shown on Fig. 20 of the Boundary maps supporting the main Consultation document.

AONB map




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