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CRA AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday, 31st March 2022

NOTICE is hereby given that the 76th Annual General Meeting of CRA will be held at 8pm on Thursday, 31st March 2022, at The Peter Aubertin Hall

“At the heart of Chipstead Village for over 70 years”

All Chipstead residents are welcome to attend, but only CRA members may vote. If you wish to become a member of the CRA please sign up via Go Cardless here or via the link at


  1. To receive apologies for absence

  2. To note the minutes of the 75th AGM held on Tuesday 27th April 2021 (These are taken as read, but are available via the village website and at the meeting)

  3. To receive the Chair’s Report for 2021/22 (below)

  4. To consider and approve the January to December 2021 annual accounts

  5. To elect Members of the Committee for 2022 *+

  6. To elect the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) for 2022 *+

  7. To appoint the Independent Examiner of CRA’s accounts for 2022

  8. To consider any other resolutions *

  9. To consider any other relevant business approved by the Chair

  10. Chair’s final remarks and closure of formal meeting

* Nominations and proposed resolutions (with names of proposer and seconder, who must be present at the AGM) shall be notified to the Secretary no later than23rd March 2022. Email: or write to 245 Chipstead Way, Banstead, SM7 3JN.

+ Names and responsibilities of existing Officers and Committee Members, all of whom seek election/re-election unless noted, are on page 2.

CRA Committee at date of this report

  • Catherine Tulley - Chair

  • Sarah Barham - Secretary

  • Shelagh Pope - Treasurer

  • Chris Hayman - CVPS Liaison

  • Angela Marshall - Planning

  • Becky Keilty - Events

  • Robin Kennedy - Website and Newsletter Editor

  • Steve Knight - Law and Order

  • James Reeves - Transport

  • Rachael Thornton - General

  • Ron Akhurst - General

  • Vacant - Membership

  • Vacant - Funding

  • Vacant - Environment


Our County and Borough Councillors regularly attend the committee’s monthly meetings.

Surrey County Councillor: 

Luke Bennett -

Reigate & Banstead Borough Councillors:

Caroline Neame -

Simon Parnall -

Tim Archer -

CRA Newsletters

The CRA publishes regular Newsletters, distributed by email and available here on the website. These provide the latest information on issues affecting the village, including village events, news from clubs and societies, planning applications (which may affect your property), police security information, and much more.

If you would like to receive the CRA Newsletter please register your email address here


I look forward to welcoming you all to the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Chipstead Residents Association.

I have now been in post for just under a year. During this time the CRA committee has continued to meet during the various lockdowns by using Zoom, face 2 face meetings, outside meetings by candlelight and then back to Zoom meetings for the Christmas Lockdown.

We have reluctantly said goodbye to Elizabeth Vetta & Rebecca Fitch-Carpenter from the committee this year - with Elizabeth returning to nursing and Rebecca taking on a new role at The Brit School, they sadly have had to retire their membership from the committee. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and efforts over their time on the CRA.

That does leave some gaps in the committee - we are keen to welcome people who are willing to join us in committee roles. The main “roles” or portfolios that are vacant are Environment (building and maintaining alliances with local countryside organisations), Funding (managing funding applications) and Membership (managing memberships database). Please email me at if you have any questions about any of these roles and how you can help.

There are a number of new faces on the committee which I am pleased to be introducing to you at the AGM.

The main actions carried out by the CRA over the past 12 months include the following:

  • An electronic survey to understand what residents would like from the CRA

  • Updates to the village website to reflect

    • Changes to the CRA committee

    • A new membership sign-up method - Go Cardless

    • An updated newsletter sign up

    • Chipstead Parade local business information

    • New pages for planning policy, guidance & specific applications

  • A redesign of the CRA newsletter to employ a more modern look and feel

  • Updates to the mailing system, saving both time and money

    • A Monthly Newsletter sent out to nearly 600 active subscribers.

  • Completion of a Welcome Pack for new residents

  • An increase in followers to the Chipstead Village Facebook page to over 1400

  • Collaboration with Cherish Chipstead to help obtain funds allocated in 2019 for numerous trees to be planted throughout the village

  • Meetings with Chairs of all neighbouring RA’s and councillors

  • Meetings with various members of the outgoing committee to hand over historical and relevant information on traffic actions before COVID

  • Ongoing meetings with Surrey County Councillor Luke Bennett to discuss how best to mobilise Surrey Highways.

  • A successful application for funds from Luke Bennett for the CRA to purchase

    • 1x large (8-seater) picnic table for the Duck Pond on the High Road.

    • 2x replacement sleeper benches for the benches on the meads opposite the White Hart which are now completely decrepit.

In addition, the CRA held the following events:

  • Village Picnic - and although the weather was almost biblical this was well attended both by local residents and local groups.

  • In conjunction with the CVPS a Bonfire for Chipstead Little People was again well attended at the Grove.

  • Father Christmas came to Chipstead and handed out over 60 presents to children of the village.

  • Welcome return of a village quiz night, with Fish and Chip supper.

  • Plans are being finalised for the Platinum Jubilee Picnic on the Meads, Live 8-piece jazz/swing band, food stalls, beer tent, cakes stand, commemorative items for sale. Tickets for sale here

As we move forward in 2022, the CRA’s priorities, as informed by the recent survey, will be focused on continuing to bring the village together through events, traffic calming projects and increasing membership.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard over the last 12 months - I look forward to working with you in the future.

Lastly, I would like to thank Robert Collier for auditing the accounts.

Catherine Tulley - Chair

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