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Chipstead Planning Applications to end April 2021

You can examine any of these applications in detail on the planning section of the RBBC website at:


 The CRA carries out an assessment of each planning application based upon the information presented on the RBBC website and the planning rules in force at the time.  If additional clarification is required, we will contact the RBBC planning officer concerned and/or our local councillor. It is not possible for the CRA to proactively contact individual residents who may be affected by a planning application, so if you have a strong objection or have additional information, please contact the CRA at:

21/00330/HH – Mannacot How Lane Chipstead – Ground floor rear extension and new floor to the existing bungalow.

 Objections submitted.  This is a significant development to what is currently a 3-bedroom bungalow turning it into a large 2.5 storey, 5-bedroom property.  The addition of two balconies is out of keeping with this location and along with the additional windows at first floor and roof level are potentially very intrusive to neighbouring properties.  This creates an unacceptably adverse impact on the amenities of adjacent properties and their ability to enjoy those amenities.  The Tree and Landscape Officer’s advice should be sought on the mature trees, shrubs and long-established hedges to ensure these established features are adequately protected and there remains adequate transition to the countryside beyond to maintain the rural character of this area.

21/00319/HH – The Reading Room Cottage High Road Chipstead – Single storey rear extension, detached garden store and Air source heat pump (ASHP) unit

This is a locally listed building in Chipstead High Road Conservation Area and the impact of the proposals for the extension and the installation of an ASHP must be considered in that context; the Conservation Officer’s advice should be sought.

21/00416/HH – 25 Highwold Chipstead – Erection of a single storey rear extension.

No objections.

21/00801/F - Chipstead Golf Club How Lane Chipstead - Proposed construction of covered driving range station.

This is a development in the Green Belt and one of the key issues is whether it is appropriate development as per the development guidelines.  Development can be appropriate for outdoor sporting facilities such as golf as long as it preserves the openness of the site. This development would appear modest and not to compromise the openness of the Green Belt.  If approved, a landscaping condition and one related to materials that can be used for the range’s construction can alleviate any potential issues.

The other key amenity impacts that should be considered are the potential for noise and disturbance whilst the driving range is in use and nuisance associated with stray balls, light glare and light trespass. 

There is no indication of whether the range will be lit by artificial light during the day or at night; this should be established before permission is granted.  If it is to be flood-lit then opening hours and the impact of light pollution would have to be considered.   At present, there are no street lights in the vicinity and the surrounding area has little light pollution and this is something that residents seek to preserve. 

Environmental Protection have been consulted on the question of contaminated land but should be consulted about the potential for light and noise pollution/ nuisance from this development.

Closing date for comments is 12 May.

21/00479/HH - Compton House 45 Hollymeoak Road Chipstead - Proposed single storey rear extension, alterations to roof and proposed porch

This is a sizeable development to a property that has already been extended significantly by previous planning permissions in 2017 & 2019.  The proposed rear extension is to be built across the already extended footprint of the current dwelling and includes a full balcony at first floor level again across the full width of the extension and has additional patio doors and windows at the first-floor level. The addition of the balcony is out of keeping with this location and along with the other additional windows is potentially very intrusive to neighbouring properties.  This creates an unacceptably loss of privacy and an adverse impact on the amenities of adjacent properties.  

The mass, bulk and proximity of the extension to the rear elevation would present an overbearing and intrusive element to neighbouring properties.  By reason of its scale and bulk, this proposal would be out of keeping with the design and character of the existing dwelling, and would have an adverse effect on the visual amenity of the area as a whole.

Closing date for objections 8 May.

21/00618/HH – 6 Court Hill Chipstead – Replacement of a single-storey side extension with a two-storey side and rear extension. A separate two-storey rear extension. Also, a new detached garage with annexe above, to replace an existing garage and car port.

No objections.

21/00570/F – Rear of Uplands Walpole Ave Chipstead – Erection of 2 detached dwellings entrance onto Hazel Way.

Objections submitted – this is a resubmission of a development application to divide the plot and build 2 further dwellings.  There is a planning permission still in time for the development of one further dwelling on the site.  The application site is situated within a RASC; it is characterised by large houses within generous plots where the predominant influence is a traditional vernacular influenced by the Arts and Crafts design. However, the 3-storey design of each proposed dwelling is out of keeping with the area and does not respect that character. The proposed development is inappropriate and over development of this site with the dwellings relatively close to one another in comparison to other properties in the road.  It does not reflect or complement the local area.  As a result of its siting and layout, it would lead to a continuous form of development along the frontage of Hazel Way out of keeping with and detrimental to the character and appearance of this area and detrimental to the neighbouring properties residential amenity.  The opening up of two new driveways and the considerable amount of built form creates an obtrusive urbanising feature given the semi-rural character of Hazel Way.

21/00544/HH – The Croft Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Internal reordering of the existing house at ground level including a new entrance porch and glazing, a loft conversion including a new hip to gable extension, new front and rear dormer windows, new landscaping including erection of garage and new entrance gates.

The application site is within a RASC characterised by large houses situated within generous plots with a high level of soft landscaping and mature trees at the boundaries. Whilst the majority of the proposed development is related to the remodelling of the main house, the addition of the separate, detached garage is a new feature that in this area is either integral to the property or set close to the main property and away from the neighbouring boundary.  The siting of this additional feature is somewhat out of keeping with the area and being close to the neighbouring boundary, adds to the built environment, detracting from the overall feeling of spaciousness.  The Tree and Landscape Officer should be consulted to ensure that the existing landscaped nature of the site is safe-guarded and the TPOed trees protected throughout this development.  As the proposal includes development in the roof, with the addition of front, rear and side windows, these windows have the potential to overlook neighbouring properties.  Where this is the case, it is usual for there to be a condition added to any permission that requires obscured glass and that the windows do not open. 

21/00632/HH – 24 Old Oak Avenue Chipstead - Double storey side extension, playroom, utility room, WC. Single storey rear extension for larger living area with Velux in roof slope and a raised patio area with steps leading down to the grass.

The addition of a two-storey side extension brings the dwelling very close to the boundary with the neighbouring property.  This could have an adverse impact on the neighbouring property.  The addition of an upper storey with full windows will overlook the main social space of the neighbouring property and present an intrusive element to those neighbours at the side of the property. This proposal represents an un-neighbourly form of development that would have an adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties.  The Tree and Landscape Officer’s advice should be sought on this development proposal and its impact upon the existing landscape.

21/00503/F – Tepesmede High Road Chipstead – Removal of existing brick pillars to property entrance, reconstruction of brick pillars and erection of electric sliding gate (height of 1.5m), existing width of entrance will be used. Existing hedges will remain.

This property is surrounded by a Conservation area and although not itself in that area, any developments or design changes on the site can adversely impact upon the Conservation area.  The gates that are proposed in this application would be an inappropriate design for the area and represent an urbanising feature in this rural location.  If the gating of the property is considered essential, a design more suited to the area would be required; the Conservation Officer could advise.

21/00069/HH – Woodlands High Road Chipstead – Replace all timber windows with timber style alternative

As this is a Conservation area any proposal has to meet specific criteria – this proposal does not appear to meet the requirements.

Refused as UPVC windows are unacceptable in the Conservation Area because UVPC is a non-traditional material.

21/00289/HH – Thornberry Rickman Hill Road Chipstead - Two extensions (side and rear).


21/00162/HH – Holly Cottage Hazelwood Lane Chipstead – Replacing the existing single storey side extension with a 2-storey extension.  Replace rear extension with larger extension. New porch and entrance.


21/00163/CLP – Holly Cottage Hazelwood Lane Chipstead – Outbuilding.

No objections. The application is for a certificate of lawful development under permitted development rights for an outbuilding in the garden for a gym/games room.  Approved.

21/00285/HH – Holly Cottage Hazelwood Lane Chipstead – retrospective planning permission for road access – in and out drive.

This is a retrospective application, the replacement hedging and vegetation should be in keeping with the area. Highways comments awaited, decision pending.

20/02251/HH – 10 Outwood Lane – Lower kerb to create a driveway.


21/00115/F – Chipstead Bowling Club Elmore Road Chipstead – Install short mat bowling rink with the provision of lighting.


APP/20/01817/F – Land at the Rear of Uplands Walpole Ave – Appeal against refusal of planning permission for a new dwelling at the rear.

Appeal against the refusal of the application.  Appeal to be held by written statement.  Only new information should be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. The Inspector will be sent copies of all the comments and objections that have been submitted for the application.  Both the applicant and RBBC will make a final statement to the Inspector. 

21/00303/TPO – 2 Middlefield Close Outwood Lane Chipstead – T1 – Fell Ash tree.

Approved with conditions on the size, height and variety of the replacement tree.

20/02891/ADV - Area of Grass Outside Court Lodge Farm Star Lane Hooley - Entry sign to Chipstead Village.


Outcome of Previous Applications

20/02659/F – Land at the rear of 260, 262 and 264 Chipstead Way and to the rear of Kita, Sunnyfield and The Paddock Chipstead – Development of 9 residences (5 x 3-bed; 4 x 4 bed)

Refused - It is considered that these proposals would constitute a cramped overdevelopment of the site which would be harmful to the visual amenities and character of the area.

20/02837/HHOLD – Hazeldene Hazelwood Lane Chipstead - 1st floor side extension raising the ridge height with rear dormers.


20/02362/F – Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead – Demolition and erection of 3-storey residential building with 16 flats with associated access and works.

Objections submitted.  The layout, siting and appearance of the development is inappropriate and unsympathetic;

APP/19/01825/F – Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead - Demolition and comprehensive redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building to provide a mixed-use development comprising a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works.

Appeal submitted.  Appeal will be held by exchange of written statements, all objections already submitted will be passed to the Inspector.

APP/19/02033/F – Nuthatch Rickmans Hill Road Chipstead – Demolition of the existing house and erection of a block of five apartments with associated parking and landscaping.

Appeal submitted.  Appeal will be held by exchange of written statements, all objections already submitted will be passed to the Inspector.

APP/20/01195/F – Nuthatch Rickmans Hill Road Chipstead – Erection of a single storey two-bedroom dwelling to the rear garden of the existing plot, with associated parking and landscaping.

Appeal submitted. Appeal will be held by exchange of written statements, all objections already submitted will be passed to the Inspector.

21/00018/HHOLD – Glaramara Outwood Lane Chipstead – Takedown the existing single storey garage and study to the side of the property and replace with deeper single storey extending forwards to the front-line of the house incorporating an enclosed entrance.


20/02534/HHOLD – 10 Outwood Lane Chipstead – Ground floor and rear extension.


20/02716/HHOLD – 25 Highwold Chipstead – Erection of an oak-framed double garage/barn associated works and a new driveway

Objections submitted - The addition of the double garage/ barn style structure to the front of the property is out of keeping with the area and may have an adverse impact on neighbouring properties. 

Refused - the proposed development would not be acceptable in terms of its design and impact upon the character of the wider area. 

20/02573/HHOLD – Chipstead Lodge Hazelwood Lane Chipstead – 2m high green wire fence to enclose the western side of the rear garden.


20/01905/HHOLD – 31 Lackford Road Chipstead - Part conversion of garage and increased roof height to part of


19/02269/F/AP – Rowans Hill High Road Chipstead – Appeal against refusal for change of use to an independent special school for children with autism and related special educational needs and disabilities.

Appeal allowed – planning permission is thereby granted to convert the property to a school.

19/01005/HH – 1 Pigeon House Farm White Hill Chipstead – To create a new sole use driveway into our property.  Amendments submitted as requested 5/12/2019, 20/1/2020, 9/3/2020

Awaiting decision.  

19/00237/CU - Highlands Blackhorse Lane Lower Kingswood - Change of use of the site to accommodate 4 gypsy pitches, each comprising one static caravan and one touring caravan for up to four gypsy families.

Awaiting decision.

Other Matters

Registration of Bourke Hill as a footpath

Can anyone who uses Bourke Hill as a footpath please contact the CRA as we are gathering information on how much this footpath is used in order to register it formerly as a footpath with Surrey County Council.


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