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Notice of CRA AGM

NOTICE is hereby given that the 75th Annual General Meeting of Chipstead Residents' Association will be held at 8pm on Tuesday, 27th April 2021, via Zoom.


1. To receive apologies for absence
2. To receive the Chair’s Report for 2020 (enclosed)
3. To consider and approve the January to December 2020 annual accounts
4. To elect Members of the Committee for 2020/2021 *+
5. To elect the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) for 2021*+
6. To appoint the Independent Examiner of CRA’s accounts for 2021
7. To consider any other resolutions *
8. To consider any other relevant business approved by the Chair
9. Chair’s final remarks and closure of formal meeting

After a short break Jon Grant will speak about his new book “Discovering Old Chipstead”.  All profits go to the Chipstead Village Preservation Society.

Zoom access codes were set out in the CRA newsletter sent on 13 April 2021.

CHAIR’S REVIEW 2020/2021

Since our last AGM in April 2019, we have continued as an association to recognise the key issues for the village and address, support and work with other village organisations and associations. Our role is to ensure that we can influence, manage and protect our village wherever possible.

As we are all well aware the worldwide pandemic has affected every one of us in one way or another. However, one thing that has been clearer than ever through these times is the sense of community and the willingness for people to help and support one another when so much of what we have always taken for granted has been taken away. It is inspiring to see how people have volunteered their time to help others in need. The village’s response for volunteers to help those that who are isolating to get their essential medication and supplies and the creation of the food bank has been incredibly successful and is still going strong. Well done to all those involved.

However, even though we have been unable to meet in person, the CRA has continued to meet via Zoom and represent the village. Whilst the pandemic has taken hold we have seen a continuation of planning applications being submitted and activity within the village.

We continue our review on the effective and efficient collection of subscriptions.  We are seeking to adopt a digital approach allowing us to more easily collect and process the essential information from the residents willing to help support the CRA. Over the coming months with the easing of lockdown restrictions we hope to have a team of road wardens going door to door to put our new plan into place.

The planning arena keeps the association as busy as ever with a few key developments which have been closely monitored and managed. A full and detailed summary is diligently prepared every month showing the commitment from the CRA towards applications in the village and sometimes beyond the village boundaries. No one application is more or less important than others regardless of the impact on the village.

So, moving forward to the year ahead. It is with great sadness that four members of the Committee have decided to step down since our last AGM in 2019. Lorraine Bygraves, who joined as Secretary but unfortunately due to other commitments both with the Chipstead Players and personally she was unable to continue. Ron Fewtrell, he has been an active member of the committee for a number of years and worked as the liaison officer with the Golf Club and the editor for the newsletter. Angela Marshall, again another long standing committee member managing the planning portfolio and interfacing with both Reigate and Banstead and Surrey Council’s on a wide ranging number of issues. Then finally myself. Due to personal circumstances and now leaving the village it is time to step down and pass the chair to the next custodian.

I would like to thank all three for their time and commitment and wish them all the very best moving forwards.

I am delighted to be able to confirm and formally welcome Sarah Barham who has joined the CRA as Secretary. Sarah has already taken on the challenges that the role sets and is an integral part of the committee. With regard to the replacement for the Chair’s role I am delighted to confirm that Catherine Tulley has put herself forward for the position and this will be voted on at the AGM.

These departures will leave key vacancies but more importantly key elements which we all rely upon. Therefore, we are keen to welcome people who are willing to join the CRA to help at any level and give something back to the fantastic village that we all live in. Please contact Catherine directly if you would like to join the committee.

In addition, I would like to thank Robert Collier for auditing the accounts.

It therefore just leaves me to personally thank all members of the committee for their continued support and hard work to progress key village projects. I have very much enjoyed my 6 years being involved with the CRA, I have made many new friends and contacts within the village and I am delighted to be passing the position onto Catherine who, I am sure, will take up the reigns and drive new energy into the Association.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Dan Merriman – Chair

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