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Chipstead Planning Applications to July 2020

You can examine any of these applications in detail on the planning section of the RBBC website at:


The CRA carries out an assessment of each planning application based upon the information presented on the RBBC website and the planning rules in force at the time.  If additional clarification is required, we will contact the RBBC planning officer concerned and/or our local councillor. It is not possible for the CRA to proactively contact individual residents who may be affected by a planning application, so if you have a strong objection or have additional information, please contact the CRA at:

20/01195/F – Nuthatch Rickman Hill Road - Erection of a single storey two-bedroom dwelling to the rear garden of existing plot, with associated parking and landscaping.

As Infill development of back garden land, this application does not comply with the agreed criteria. This area is characterised by single dwellings in large, spacious plots but this development is inappropriate and unsympathetic to the appearance and character of the local environment and would have an adverse effect on the character of the area as a whole.  The proposal represents a cramped form of development that would have an adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties and is out of keeping with the design and character of the area.  Trees and well-spaced garden layout are a feature of the area, However, in this proposal a considerable portion of the garden will become hardstanding or bonded gravelling to form a driveway and parking areas for the new dwelling.  The siting of the development may result in pressure being put on the existing mature trees to prune and/ or excessively reduce them in size – this will have an adverse impact on their sustainability.  The advice of the Tree and Landscape Officer should be sought to ensure that existing mature trees are not put at risk by an inappropriate and poorly sited development.

20/01202/HH – Hazeldene Hazelwood Lane Chipstead – New timber external deck to the rear at raised ground level, new steps and levelling of upper level to the side of the house.

No objections.

20/00982/HHOLD – 2 Stagbury Close Chipstead – First floor rear extension.


20/01097/HHOLD – The Reading Room High Road Chipstead – Conversion of the existing garage into a separate annex.

This most recent application for development is to convert the garage into an annex and as such is mainly internal work.  The Conservation and Heritage Officer has provided advice on the materials that should be used particularly the windows and on any exterior changes that may be required.  No objections submitted. 


20/01120/HHOLD – 100 Outwood Lane Chipstead – Proposed extension and alterations to existing detached garage, carport and room over for ancillary use to the house.

No objections.

20/00624/HHOLD – 3 Leyfield Mews Elmore Road Chipstead – Amended plans 8/6/20.  New rooflights to east and west elevations

The Conservation and Heritage Officer does not find the amendments acceptable (this is a curtilage structure to a Grade II listed building) and has asked for more information and also details on the materials proposed specifying what should be used for acceptable rooflights.  There is, apparently, a presumption against rooflights in historic barn conversions, plus with this property there is a cumulative problem as there are currently rooflights disrupting the roofscape.  In response, amendments to the plans were submitted 17 July.  Awaiting decision.

19 Woodfield Hill Coulsdon – Demolition of a single-family dwelling and erection of 1x 3 and 4 storey block containing 2 x 4-bedroom houses and 4 x 2-bedroom flats and 3 x 3-bedroom detached houses with associated access; car parking; cycle and refuse storage.

Although this property is in the LB Croydon, following contact from residents in the road, objections have been submitted on the grounds of over development of the site out of keeping with the area; dominant development having adverse impact upon neighbouring properties; insufficient parking arrangements with an adverse and dangerous highways impact at a T-junction.

Outcome of Previous Applications

20/00666/HHOLD – Court Mead Coulsdon Lane – Retrospective application for retention of front wall and entrance gates.  Revised plans.

Approved with conditions.

The harm caused to the Green Belt by this development is considered by RBBC to be limited and outweighed by the reduction in height of the proposed piers and the removal of the infill panels, thus maintaining the rural character of the road. Planting of a hedge in front of the wall is considered to mitigate the impact of the wall on the openness of the site and the character of the area. Therefore, RBBC conclude that very special circumstances exist to allow permission that outweigh any harm that would be caused by inappropriate development.  The conditions added to the permission include that within three months:

(1) the piers on the wall to be reduced in height to the same height (1.65m) as the main wall and be permanently maintained as such. 

(2) a full detailed scheme for the landscaping of the land in front of the wall to include schedules of plants and an implementation and management plan be approved in writing by the LPA.

20/00738/HHOLD – 1 Hollymead Road Chipstead – Erection of one pair of automated vehicle access gates with brick piers and flank walls. Erection of one personnel gate.


20/00702/HHOLD – 9 Lackford Road Chipstead – Two storey rear extension.  Amended plans 22 May.


20/00606/F – 26 Chipstead Station Parade Chipstead – Create 2 storey rear extension to provide conversion of existing basement into 2-bedroom flat, extension of existing office and existing kitchen to flat.


20/00741/HHOLD – Marksland High Road Chipstead – Single storey ground floor extension.


20/00625/HHOLD – The Reading Room High Road Chipstead – Demolition of conservatory and creation of 3m extension.  Amended plans.

Objections submitted.   The application has been withdrawn and a new application submitted.

20/00927/HHOLD – Longshaw Lodge Chipstead – Demolition of existing garden shed and construction of new summerhouse outbuilding in garden to side/front of property.

Objections submitted.  The Conservation and Heritage Officer recommends refusal on the grounds of the development being at odds with the Victorian house in a Conservation area.

Application has been withdrawn.      

20/00544/HHOLD - Coombe Down Hogscross Lane Chipstead - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey Orangery style conservatory. As amended on 15/05/2020

Revised plans submitted in response to the Conservation Officer’s comments.


20/00633/F – 13 Court Hill Chipstead – Proposed additional 5 bed detached dwelling

Refused on the grounds of:

(1) unacceptable sub-division of the site;

(2) the bulk; scale and spread of the build resulting in a dominating and cramped form of development;

(3) an uncharacteristic mock Tudor design.

19/02269/F – Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Change of use to an independent special school for children with autism and related special educational needs and disabilities. Amended plans 14/2/2020

Refused on the grounds that:

(1) the proposed use would result in an unsustainable development in that location; and

(2) the developments proposed would be inappropriate development harmful to the openness of the Green Belt with no very special circumstances to override that harm.

19/02033/F – Nuthatch Rickman Hill Road Chipstead – Demolition of the existing house and erection of a block of six apartments (2x1 bed; 2x2 beds; 2x3 beds) with associated parking and landscaping.  Amended 4/12/19 to five, 2 bed apartments. Amendments 2/3/2020 and 5/3/2020.

Refused. Although RBBC considered that there was no objection in principle to the development of a block of flats on this site, in this case the proposed development:

(1) would have a harmful impact on the character of the area due to the extensive hard landscaping to the front of the property;

(2) had insufficient car parking spaces for the size of the development and this would cause material harm to the character of the area, adding to car parking along the private road;

(3) had insufficient qualified arboricultural information to enable a balanced and informed decision to be taken on tree retention, health and how amenity value could be maintained to an acceptable standard.

20/00156/F – Site of former Hedgeside – Plot B – Amendments to plans for a fourth dwelling.

Objections submitted – awaiting decision.

19/00201/S215-3 – Longshaw Stables - Enforcement Action requiring repairs

Awaiting a decision by RBBC on further action.

19/01825/F – Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead - Demolition and comprehensive redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building to provide a mixed-use development comprising a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works. Amendments to the layout 3/12/19 and 10/2/2020.

Awaiting decision.

20/00177/HH – Alcombe 20 Stagbury Avenue Chipstead - Proposed extension to create true first floor level, new garage, covered entrance, floorplan redesign and all associated works.

Refused on the grounds that the proposed scheme would unacceptably affect the amenity of neighbouring properties.  Appeal in progress.

19/01005/HH – 1 Pigeon House Farm White Hill Chipstead – To create a new sole use driveway into our property.  Amendments submitted as requested 5/12/2019, 20/1/2020, 9/3/2020

Awaiting decision.

19/00237/CU - Highlands Blackhorse Lane Lower Kingswood - Change of use of the site to accommodate 4 gypsy pitches, each comprising one static caravan and one touring caravan for up to four gypsy families.

Awaiting decision.

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