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PLANNING NOTES We are extremely grateful to Angela Marshall of the CRA who continues to keep us abreast of new and ongoing planning applications.

Our view based on current guidance is that applications are still being considered by Reigate and Banstead Council, where possible without face to face meetings. Similarly, the Planning Inspectorate are postponing hearings, enquires and inspections and not accepting further appeals except via the on-line portal until the crisis is over. Therefore the more complicated cases involving any face to face work may well have to be postponed.


You can examine any of these applications in detail on the planning section of the RBBC website at:

 The CRA carries out an assessment of each planning application based upon the information presented on the RBBC website and the planning rules in force at the time.  If additional clarification is required, we will contact the RBBC planning officer concerned and/or our local councillor. It is not possible for the CRA to proactively contact individual residents who may be affected by a planning application, so if you have a strong objection or have additional information, please contact the CRA at:

20/00633/F – 13 Court Hill Chipstead – Proposed additional 5 bed detached dwelling

The CRA considers that this proposal would not maintain a level of spaciousness between dwellings expected in this part of Court Hill and would create a cramped and over developed appearance.  As such it cannot be viewed as being an acceptable development proposal.

Objections submitted that the proposed development by reason of its siting, height and orientation would have an unacceptably adverse impact on the amenities of the properties immediately adjacent to the site and the surrounding area. The representation of the street scene is not representative of the actual street scene or the distances between the properties especially 15 and 17 Court Hill.

The site contains large mature trees and vegetation that are a feature of the area and the neighbouring plots.  Although more planting is identified, the closeness of the proposed development to the mature trees will threaten their long-term health and lead to pressure to over prune.  The Tree and Landscape Officer’s advice should be sought.

This application should be refused, as previous such applications have been, because it proposes to insert an additional property on the site alongside the existing dwelling leading to a cramped and discordant development, compromising the existing property and having an adverse impact upon the area.

20/00625/HHOLD – The Reading Room High Road - Demolition of existing 3 metre conservatory and creation of a 3-metre extension of matching redbrick and crittal glazing. Glass box connection between existing house and side annex

The current rear conservatory has a traditional appearance, in keeping with the style of the property.  The replacement conservatory whilst of the same size footprint is of a more dramatic design with a full glass end wall, mirrored in the annex by the removal of the traditional windows and replacement with a full glass wall. The glass connecting structure between the house and the garage/annex is an unusual addition to this traditional building. As the property is in a Conservation area and therefore development and architectural changes to properties require special consideration, the advice of the Conservation Officer should be sought.

20/00624/HHOLD – 3 Leyfield Mews Elmore Road Chipstead - New rooflights to east and west elevations

The advice of the Conservation Officer should be sought on this development in a Conservation area.

20/00544/HHOLD - Coombe Down Hogscross Lane Chipstead - Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey Orangery style conservatory.

The advice of the Conservation Officer should be sought on this development in a Conservation area.

19/02269/F – Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Change of use to an independent special school for children with autism and related special educational needs and disabilities. Amended plans 14/2/2020

Awaiting decision.  Further information re transport and noise assessments have been submitted.

19/02033/F – Nuthatch Rickman Hill Road Chipstead – Demolition of the existing house and erection of a block of six apartments (2x1 bed; 2x2 beds; 2x3 beds) with associated parking and landscaping.  Amended 4/12/19 to five, 2 bed apartments. Amendments 2/3/2020 and 5/3/2020.

Awaiting decision. Further information has been submitted in support of the adjustments to the design for consideration.

20/00156/F – Site of former Hedgeside – Plot B – Amendments to plans for a fourth dwelling.

Objections submitted - the changes in design are obtrusive and unnecessary, extending the built form further towards Hazel Way. The proposed change in design further extends development and it encroaches upon the trees on the site.

19/00201/S215-3 – Longshaw Stables - Enforcement Action requiring repairs

Comments have been submitted requesting enforcement action should now be pursued for proper and timely refurbishment of these buildings within the Chipstead Conservation area.  These buildings are part of the local Chipstead heritage and deserve proper maintenance and continued protection.  RBBC are pursuing this matter.

19/01825/F – Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead - Demolition and comprehensive redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building to provide a mixed-use development comprising a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works. Amendments to the layout 3/12/19 and 10/2/2020.

No further comments submitted – previous objections reiterated.

19/01524/F – Cleave Prior Cottage Bridge Way Chipstead Coulsdon Surrey - Proposed new dwelling adjacent to Cleave Prior Cottage. As amended on 23/08/2019, 11/09/2019, 21/10/2019 and on 28/01/2020.   Further amendments 14/2/2020

Revised plans submitted – objections reiterated.

Previous Applications

19/02533/HH – 9 Hollymead Road Chipstead – Extension and alterations to the dwelling


19/02570/HH – 21 Old Oak Avenue Chipstead – Single storey of side and rear corner extension of a larger kitchen and readjusted garage.


19/02583/S73 - Cornerways, Smugglers, Mountfield Outwood Lane Chipstead & 266 Chipstead Way Woodmansterne - Demolition of existing properties and redevelopment to form 28 retirement living apartments for older persons including communal spaces, car parking and associated landscaping. Variation of condition 1 of permission 18/02583/F. Changes to internal layout, removal of rear bays and changes to roof form.

Awaiting decision.

19/02573/F – Stable Block Rectory Road Chipstead -Replacement of existing hinged vehicle access gate with automated sliding vehicle access gate


20/00034/HH – 51 Lackford Road Chipstead – Ground floor rear extension and raised deck.


20/02604/HH – Court Mead Coulsdon Lane – Retrospective application for retention of front wall and entrance gates. 

Refused.  Inappropriate form of development harmful to the openness of the location and the rural character of the lane.  Revised plans are to be submitted by the applicant.

20/00120/HH – Woodford 11 Stagbury Ave Chipstead – increase ridge height to allow for loft conversion with dormers, rear extension at ground level and detached gym building.

Awaiting decision.

20/00177/HH – Alcombe 20 Stagbury Avenue Chipstead - Proposed extension to create true first floor level, new garage, covered entrance, floorplan redesign and all associated works.

Awaiting decision.

19/02148/HH – Compton 45 Hollymeoak Road Chipstead - Proposed 2 storey extension and alteration to the roof.


19/01005/HH – 1 Pidgeon House Farm White Hill Chipstead – To create a new sole use driveway into our property.

Awaiting decision.

19/00237/CU - Highlands Blackhorse Lane Lower Kingswood - Change of use of the site to accommodate 4 gypsy pitches, each comprising one static caravan and one touring caravan for up to four gypsy families.

Awaiting decision.

Proposed Skate park at Rickman Hill Recreation Ground

LBC have stated that there is currently no confirmed plan to deliver a skate park at this location.  LBC has had an initial representation from the East and West Coulsdon Residents Associations for this proposal.  However, any progress on the proposal would be based upon suitable evidence of demand locally and then there would be resident consultation.  LBC will keep the CRA updated on any future developments.

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