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Future of Chipstead Lodge Hazelwood Lane Chipstead

You may have noticed that Chipstead Lodge is undergoing a makeover as it is prepared for its new occupants. The refurb is to remodel the building to provide 14 individual tenancies to deliver support and accommodation for vulnerable adults with Learning Disabilities, Autism and complex care needs.

Although the client group may be changing, we have been advised by RBBC Planning that this change does not need planning permission as the Lodge is already classified as for “Residential accommodation and care to people in need of care.” The refurbishment is mainly internal and whilst maintaining the current presentation of the property, will also ensure that the building and grounds continue to blend in with the area.

 Individuals living in the property will receive 24/7 on-site care from a team comprising of social care support staff and health professionals, in order to meet their complex care needs and ensure that their vulnerability is properly supported.  It is anticipated that the Lodge will be ready for occupation from May, once the refurb is complete.  Tenants where ever possible will be drawn from the local area.

The CRA is advised by RBBC that Pathway for Care, the company that will be running this facility, was established in 2016 as a specialist social care provider to deliver support and accommodation for people with Learning Disabilities, Autism and complex care needs.  Reigate & Banstead as a council are a social care provider and with Pathway for Care setup a joint venture with Transforming Healthcare Group Ltd to provide bespoke social care accommodation, tailored to the individual client’s care needs. 

 It is the CRA’s understanding that the company has plans to engage with the local community in the near future, once the refurbishments are complete.  However, for those who would like any further information about the facility, the current contact is Ian Hutchinson who is the Clinical Lead for services, his email address is:

 Once the Lodge is ready for its tenants and open, the company will provide an on-site contact – watch this space for further contact details

 The following comments were provided by RBBC:

 “Chipstead Lodge is being configured to provide accommodation for vulnerable adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism.  Work has commenced to develop the property to a very high standard whilst maintaining its current presentation and ensuring that the building and grounds continue to blend in with the area.

 The service being provided is regulated social care and the provider, Pathway For Care, has a proven track record in relation to achieving excellent outcomes for vulnerable adults and young people in partnership with specialist housing providers.

The intention is for Chipstead Lodge to be a flagship development that not only adds value to the lives of people living there but to the local area and wider community.”

 Where possible the tenants at our properties are drawn from the local area depending on commissioner requirements, and those of the individual and family.  In our existing properties the vast majority of tenants are local.”

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