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You can examine any of these applications in detail on the planning section of the RBBC website at:

 The CRA carries out an assessment of each planning application based upon the information presented on the RBBC website and the planning rules in force at the time.  If additional clarification is required, we will contact the RBBC planning officer concerned and/or our local councillor. It is not possible for the CRA to proactively contact individual residents who may be affected by a planning application, so if you have a strong objection or have additional information, please contact the CRA at:


  1. 1.      19/02533/HH – 9 Hollymead Road Chipstead – Extension and alterations to the dwelling

Objections submitted on the intrusive nature of the proposed extension and the impact on the mature trees on the boundary, not all of which are on the applicant’s property.

  1. 2.      19/02570/HH – 21 Old Oak Avenue Chipstead – Single storey of side and rear corner extension of a larger kitchen and readjusted garage.

No objections.

  1. 3.      19/02583/S73 - Cornerways, Smugglers, Mountfield Outwood Lane Chipstead & 266 Chipstead Way Woodmansterne - Demolition of existing properties and redevelopment to form 28 retirement living apartments for older persons including communal spaces, car parking and associated landscaping. Variation of condition 1 of permission 18/02583/F. Changes to internal layout, removal of rear bays and changes to roof form.

No objections.

  1. 4.      19/02573/F – Stable Block Rectory Road Chipstead -Replacement of existing hinged vehicle access gate with automated sliding vehicle access gate

No objections.

  1. 5.      20/00034/HH – 51 Lackford Road Chipstead – Ground floor rear extension and raised deck.

No objections.

  1. 6.      20/02604/HH – Court Mead Coulsdon Lane – Retrospective application for retention of front wall and entrance gates. 

Retrospective application.  Objections submitted on the wall and the pillars, in their height and appearance and with the proposed black steel and grey composite panels sitting on top of the wall to the height of the pillars, have a visually adverse impact upon the area. The overall height of the wall is over 2m and is adjacent to the highway and is higher than the wooden fence and hedge it replaced.  As a piece of hard landscaping in an area where front hedges are a characteristic, it cannot be considered as a like for like replacement.

It is out of place in the verdant landscape along Coulsdon Lane and is out of keeping with the ‘rural’ village character of Chipstead.

  1. 7.      20/00120/HH – Woodford 11 Stagbury Ave Chipstead – increase ridge height to allow for loft conversion with dormers, rear extension at ground level and detached gym building.

The proposed development by reason of its size, depth, width, height and massing would have an adverse impact on the amenities of the properties immediately adjacent to the site and the surrounding area; it would be visually overbearing and the block of built form will have an overbearing impact.

The siting of the gym building is where there are currently mature trees that provide a visual amenity.  The Tree and Landscape Officer’s advice should be sought on the impact this development will have upon these mature trees.  

  1. 8.      20/00177/HH – Alcombe 20 Stagbury Avenue Chipstead - Proposed extension to create true first floor level, new garage, covered entrance, floorplan redesign and all associated works.

No objections

  1. 9.      19/01524/F – Cleave Prior Cottage Bridge Way Chipstead Coulsdon Surrey - Proposed new dwelling adjacent to Cleave Prior Cottage. As amended on 23/08/2019, 11/09/2019, 21/10/2019 and on 28/01/2020.  

Revised plans submitted as a result of the Planning Officer’s comments.  Only 14 days have been allowed for comment, deadline 18th February.  There remains a question as to whether this is the proper location for a new property not connected to mains sewerage, since all the surrounding properties are on mains sewerage.  There is also still an issue about the access rights onto the private road that leads onto Outwood Lane. The siting of the development may put pressure on mature trees on the site that provide a significant visual amenity to the area

Previous Applications

  1. 10.   19/02033/F – Nuthatch Rickman Hill Road Chipstead – Demolition of the existing house and erection of a block of five x 2 bed apartments with associated parking and landscaping

Awaiting decision.

  1. 11.   19/01825/F - Demolition and redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building for mixed use development for a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works. - Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 12.   19/02148/HH – Compton 45 Hollymeoak Road Chipstead - Proposed 2 storey extension and alteration to the roof.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 13.   19/02344/S73 – The Willows High Road Chipstead – Variation to condition 1 of permissions 19/01354/F


  1. 14.   19/02269/F – Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Change of use to an independent special school for children with autism and related special educational needs and disabilities.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 15.   19/02339/F – Middlemarch 4 Lissoms Road Chipstead – Replace timber conservatory with a white woodgrain PVCu conservatory


  1. 16.   19/02408/S73 – Sercq Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Variation to condition 1 of permission 19/00649/HHOLD. To add 2 Dormers, one for each bedroom as per drawings CH0009 and CH0010. 


  1. 17.   19/01958/LBC – 2 Pirbright Cottages Hogcross Lane Chipstead – Conversion of a garage/outbuilding to a 3-bed dwelling.


  1. 18.   19/02130/HH – 9 Vincents Close Chipstead Remove existing porch and the ground floor extension. New entrance, new double side extension with additional 1st floor room and a new roof structure.


  1. 19.   19/01005/HH – 1 Pidgeon House Farm White Hill Chipstead – To create a new sole use driveway into our property.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 20.   19/00237/CU - Highlands Blackhorse Lane Lower Kingswood - Change of use of the site to accommodate 4 gypsy pitches, each comprising one static caravan and one touring caravan for up to four gypsy families.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 21.   19/01071/F – Uphill How Lane Chipstead - Part demolition of existing attached garage and store to create new access driveway; construction of new detached bungalow with separate garage, amenity area, refuse storage facilities and associated landscaping.

Approved – SCC Highways has withdrawn its concerns recognising that although visibility splays remain below the standards for the speed limit of How Lane on balance SCC consider the general speed of vehicles along How Lane at the property frontage would be lower and therefore the changes to the hedge and repositioning the access represent an overall improvement to visibility.


  1. 22.   19/04828/PREM – Licensing application – Chipstead Golf Club

Objections submitted to the extension of hours and activities at the Golf Club.  The CRA was represented at the hearing and spoke against the application. Although the applicant was granted a premises licence for extended hours of business and increased activities, these were reduced from those that had been requested and were restricted to inside only. 

In summary the amended operating schedule is:

  • To be able to show films/sport, inside only, to midnight (Sunday to Thursday); 1.30am (Friday and Saturday)
  • An extension to the playing of live and recorded music, inside only, up to midnight (Sunday to Thursday), up to 1.30am (Friday and Saturday) 
  • Provide late night refreshments including hot food and drinks, inside only, to mirror the live and recorded music hours
  • Extended licensing hours for the consumption of alcohol on and off the premises to midnight (Sunday to Thursday) and to 1.30am (Friday and Saturday) 
  • In addition, 9 functions per year, specified as Burn’s Night; St George’s Day; St Patrick’s Day; Guy Fawkes Night; Valentine’s Day; Halloween; Vaisakhi; Diwali and New Year’s Eve when timings were extended to 3am.

The conditions attached to the licence are:

  • The Licensee shall ensure that any music provided shall not cause a disturbance to local residents.  In particular on any day from 23.00 hrs any music shall be inaudible in any residential property.  The test of which is that it shall be no more than barely audible at the boundary of any residential property.
  • A direct telephone number for the Event Manager shall be publicly available at all time during the permitted functions per year. This telephone number is to be made available to residents in the vicinity.

The applicant can also apply separately for up to 15 further temporary event notices with further extensions to opening hours if required.

The Committee encouraged the Club to liaise with residents if, in future, there are any issues related to the Club and residents were similarly encouraged to notify the Club of any issues. 

The Committee also reminded residents that they have the right to request a review of the licence should there be any subsequent breach of the licensing conditions.

We would also remind residents that if there are any issues relating to noise or nuisance, these can be logged with the Licensing Section of RBBC.  If there should be any instances of anti-social behaviour, these can and should be logged with the Police.  All issues logged in this way at the time they occur could then form part of any licence review.

The biggest gain for the Golf Club is that now non-members can use the Club bar, restaurant and function room facilities and it can be marketed as a wedding venue.  The Golf Club’s legal representative said that the Club looked forward to hosting local community events.

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