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Planning Applications - December 2019

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  1. 1.       19/02033/F – Nuthatch Rickman Hill Road ChipsteadDemolition of the existing house and erection of a block
  • of five x 2 bed apartments with associated parking and landscaping

Amended application submitted reducing the number of flats from 6 to 5 and making minor amendments to the design.  Objections remain as per those made for the initial application - overdevelopment, adverse impact on neighbour amenity, out of keeping with the area, poor and inadequate parking arrangements and have been repeated.

  1. 2.       19/01825/F - Demolition and redevelopment of the site for a 3-storey building for mixed use development for a shop (Use Class A1) at ground floor with 10 residential units (Use Class C3) at first and second floors, car parking, landscaping and associated works. - Prospect Wells House Outwood Lane Chipstead.

Slight revisions to the original application to amend parking arrangements have been submitted.  This does not change the CRA’s original objections which have been repeated. The development is inappropriate and unsympathetic to the appearance and character of the local area; careful consideration is required as to the need for further retail space and the impact upon the pre-existing retail space in the area which is currently not fully utilised.  Parking provision is inadequate putting further pressure on local parking.  There is no data provided of the intended operating hours of the retail space to allow for a proper impact assessment on the area.

  1. 3.       19/02148/HH – Compton 45 Hollymeoak Road Chipstead - Proposed 2 storey extension and alteration to the roof.

No objections.

  1. 4.       19/02344/S73 – The Willows High Road Chipstead – Variation to condition 1 of permissions 19/01354/F

No objections.

  1. 5.       19/02269/F – Rowans Hill Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Change of use to an independent special school for children with autism and related special educational needs and disabilities.

Planning permission has already been granted for this site to demolish the existing house and redevelop and replace it with 3 detached houses but this development has not been progressed.  This current application proposes to keep the house, renovate it and the grounds and change its use to that of an independent school.  The focus of the comments that the CRA have been submitted is on the impact that this change of use may have on the area, other road users and the immediate neighbours looking at the increase in noise, traffic, parking; the sustainability of the site; the limited transport options and their impacts and the impact upon the many mature trees on the site.

  1. 6.       19/02339/F – Middlemarch 4 Lissoms Road Chipstead – Replace timber conservatory with a white woodgrain PVCu conservatory

No objections

  1. 7.       19/02408/S73 – Sercq Coulsdon Lane Chipstead – Variation to condition 1 of permission 19/00649/HHOLD. To add 2 Dormers, one for each bedroom as per drawings CH0009 and CH0010.  

No objections.

Previous Applications

  1. 8.       19/01524/F – Cleave Prior Cottage Bridge Way Chipstead - Proposed new dwelling

The process has been haltered awaiting the applicant’s response to requested changes by the Planning Officer.

  1. 9.       19/01958/LBC – 2 Pirbright Cottages Hogcross Lane Chipstead – Conversion of a garage/outbuilding to a 3-bed dwelling.

Planning permission has been granted already for this development.  This is the application for the Listed Building Consent necessary to complete the process.  The Conservation Officer still has some concerns that need to be addressed.

  1. 10.    19/01924/S73 – Marksland High Road Chipstead - Change of use of redundant rural building (currently used for domestic storage and recreation associated with a dwelling house) to use as a single dwelling house. Amended to ridge height.



  1. 11.    19/02130/HH – 9 Vincents Close Chipstead Remove existing porch and the ground floor extension. New entrance, new double side extension with additional 1st floor room and a new roof structure.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 12.    19/01440/HH – 9 Old Oak Ave Chipstead - Two storey front and side extension, formation of front porch, partial removal of existing rear extension, garage conversion and internal alterations

Appeal allowed – planning permission granted.

  1. 13.    19/01909/LBC; 19/01908/F; 19/01895/ADV – Ramblers Rest Outwood Lane Chipstead - Internal and external alterations including additional outside tables, new external lighting and signage.


  1. 14.    19/01005/HH – 1 Pidgeon House Farm White Hill Chipstead – To create a new sole use driveway into our property.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 15.    19/01707/F – 11A High Road Chipstead – Proposed loft rooms including rear dormers and amended roof profile with 1st floor rear extension.


  1. 16.    19/01767/HH – Doghurst Cottage Doghurst Lane Chipstead – The proposal seeks the extension of living space within the footprint of the existing house vacating the space of the current garage as well as including internal modifications to the existing kitchen and utility area, new construction of separate garage building and extension of first floor space by introduction of a gable facade where the catslide roof is currently located.


  1. 17.    19/01831/HH – Ashleigh High Road Chipstead - Two storey front and side extension, formation of front porch, partial removal of existing rear extension, garage conversion and internal alterations


  1. 18.    19/01770/HH – Keepers Starrock Lane Chipstead - Demolition of an existing entrance porch and erection of a new single-storey entrance porch


  1. 19.    19/01607/HHOLD - Ranworth Starrock Lane Chipstead - Conversion of existing integral single-garage into playroom including removal of garage door and installation of brickwork infill and new window to match existing, and construction of new detached double-garage within the existing front garden/driveway area.


  1. 20.    19/00237/CU - Highlands Blackhorse Lane Lower Kingswood - Change of use of the site to accommodate 4 gypsy pitches, each comprising one static caravan and one touring caravan for up to four gypsy families.

Awaiting decision.

  1. 21.    19/01071/F – Uphill How Lane Chipstead - Part demolition of existing attached garage and store to create new access driveway; construction of new detached bungalow with separate garage, amenity area, refuse storage facilities and associated landscaping.

Awaiting decision.


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