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Friends of St Margaret's Church - Newsflash

* Kids Concert will be held on 16th November 2019 in the PA Hall starting at 4pm with afternoon tea served during the interval.

Last year the concert was a great success when we were entertained by the musical talents of 25 children performers with harp,flute,violin,piano,drums...and singing! Please contact me for tickets ( £5 per adult,children Free) and details.

*The Friends made a donation of £ 2800 towards St Margarets Church new projector for which the church was most grateful.
Your continued support of our events made this possible.Thank you for your support.

* The AGM of the Friends took place on 10th May 2019 when over 40 people attended the meeting in the Orchard and the supper after which Charlie Packham entertained us with a talk entitled “Have I got news for you “ based upon newspaper cuttings about Chipstead dating from 1819 ! Charlie is an old friend of Chipstead and his “news”was much appreciated by all.
Special thanks to Janet Groves and her team that organised and served the delicious ???? supper!

Finally, a plea....we need a new secretary to replace Elizabeth Vetta who has retired at a very young age to spend more time with her children and her blossoming career as an artist. Thanks Elizabeth.
I look forward to seeing you at the Kids Concert, bring a friend and better still encourage any of your under 17 family who can sing or play a musical instrument to make their “stage debut “

Ian Thirlwall 
Ianthirlwall / 07534451553

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