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This is where we welcome your views on issues affecting Chipstead.  So if you would like to comment on a village news article, or bring an issue you feel strongly about to the attention of other residents, please write and let's get a debate going!

Resident's emails provide the CRA and CVPS with an important source of information on village opinion, so please write in to:

[email protected]

Chipstead Vandals Response 12th Oct 2008

Dear Mr. Holburn I was concerned to see your email. What you have said makes for uncomfortable reading. I would ask you to let me kno...

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Parking at Chipstead Station Response 12th Oct 2008

Dear Jenny, Thank you for your email. The issue of developing the car park at Banstead Wood has been recently discussed by the CRA and...

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Chipstead Website 12th Oct 2008

I would like to say that I am very impressed with the new website, congratulations to everyone involved. Please include me in your fut...

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Chipstead Vandals 12th Oct 2008

As a Chipstead Resident living on Portnalls Road I would like to inform the residents of Chipstead Village just how vile many of their ...

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Parking at Chipstead Station 12th Oct 2008

I live in Hazelwood Lane and as everyone knows it is not a very safe road to walk up and down. Consequently taking a car to the station...

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