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30th Jul 2017 Last updated at 17:55

Traffic Calming Creeps Forward

The proposed developments in Coulsdon, which will exacerbate our traffic problems when they are completed, are all progressing steadily. Construction of the later phases of the CaneHillPark development has commenced even though the scheduled and necessary improvement to the Chipstead Valley Road/Lion   Green Road junction has still not been completed.

It is understood that planning applications for the Lion Green Road and CALAT sites in Coulsdon are likely to be submitted in the autumn of this year and, at a meeting with local resident association representatives on 6th July, LBC officers said that “it is assumed that transport assessments are now being prepared.” Perhaps they are and perhaps they are not but without taking into account the effectiveness or otherwise of the above junction improvement, it is difficult to see how meaningful they will be.

With regard to our traffic calming proposals, a meeting with SCC officers was held on 4th July and the following points have been confirmed:

  • The average mean speed in Hazelwood   Lane (taken from both the CRA and SCC surveys) is above 24mph and so a signed only speed limit reduction to 20mph would not comply with Policy.
  • A scheme to reduce the speed limit in Doghurst   Lane to 20mph has been added to the Integrated Transport Scheme list for consideration for future Local Committee funding.
  • The CRA intend to produce a sketch plan or plans showing pedestrian safety and speed reduction measures that it would like to see implemented in Chipstead, for consideration by the Local Highways Team.

The CRA has carried out a survey of opinion in Doghurst Lane and Walpole Avenue and there is a clear majority in favour of introducing the lower speed limit and if possible, extending it to Walpole Avenue.

It now appears that we can proceed with the preparation of traffic calming proposals. The CRA will brief our traffic consultants about events over the last 16 months and seek their advice about the best way forward. Meanwhile, a further meeting with Chris Cannon (Surrey Police Road Safety and Traffic Management Team), has been agreed for 28th July to ensure that the Police are kept fully informed about what we are doing.

Peter Jarvis