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29th Nov 2017 Last updated at 12:42

Outwood Lane Roadworks Extended

Further to our article in last months’ newsletter, SCC has now announced a further time extension of the Outwood Lane road works until 2nd February 2018. We have received the following statement from Surrey Highways Works Communication Team:

I am sorry to say the completion date for Outwood Lane has been extended to Friday 2 February.   This is due to several issues.  The main reason being that we have had to hand dig most of the work as there is such a large amount of utilities pipes and wires in the road and pavement.   This has caused a knock on effect and we have had to change the programme which means that the works will be delayed.

 During Christmas the road will be cleared and all traffic management will be removed.  The works will stop on 20 December until 2 January 2018.

 I apologise for the frustration and ask for your continued patience whilst we complete these essential works.

Subsequent to this statement, SCC has confirmed that the final scheduled road closure was lifted two days early on 23 November and there are no further scheduled closures. The road will now remain open under traffic signal control until the completion of the works.

CRA attended a meeting on site with SCC to discuss possible mitigating measures on 22 November. To provide some background, we explained the long standing problems that Chipstead has had with rat-running traffic. SCC had previously stated that the Outwood Lane works had been the subject of wide consultation, but they did not consult CRA. SCC apologised for this omission.

Accelerated Working - To achieve an earlier completion date, working longer working hours and weekend working was discussed. SCC stated that they were already working full daylight hours, and that there were safety issues relating to working in deep excavations under floodlighting. SCC agreed to investigate weekend working.

Over- width Vehicles – A considerable number of over-width vehicles are currently using village roads in peak hours, especially High Road, How Lane and Coulsdon Lane, in contravention of the 6ft 6in width restriction. When combined with the much higher traffic volumes generated by the road works, trying to pass wide oncoming vehicles becomes very difficult and substantial queues develop. Motorists are entering resident’s driveways to allow wide vehicles to pass. In response, SCC agreed to erect 9 additional temporary signs, mainly at village entry points, to re-enforce the width restriction. These were installed the next day and CRA thanked SCC for their very prompt response.

If you wish to send a comment on these roadworks, please contact Surrey Highways at:

[email protected]