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2nd Oct 2017 Last updated at 17:27

Outwood Lane Closure 9th October

SCC are planning to start road works associated with the construction of a flooding relief lagoon adjacent to Outwood Lane on Monday, 9 October 2017. The works will take place at the junction of Outwood Lane with Lower Park Road. Access to the shops and the railway station will be affected as the main access will be closed. The works are scheduled to take approximately 11 weeks, terminating just before Christmas.

SCC will be doing most of the work under two and three way traffic lights.  However, there will be times when they need to close the road.   They will keep the closures to a minimum duration and update the SCC website with dates and information.

The piping works will take a long time to carry out due to other services such as gas pipes, water and electricity being so close to the work. Excavations will need to be undertaken manually. The lagoon works are off carriageway and will have no real impact on road users.

Outwood Lane has suffered flooding on a regular basis for a number of years affecting both the highway and properties. The flooding causes traffic to cross the centre line of the road to pass through safely and the footways are rendered impassable for pedestrians.

The flooding is primarily caused as the road is at the base of a valley. There is insufficient local drainage which is unable to deal with surface run off in the area. This leads to excessive quantities of water on the surface of the road.

Works are planned to deal with the flooding. A lagoon will be constructed at the junction of Holly Lane and Outwood Lane and current drainage systems will be piped to the lagoon. The lagoon will act as a holding tank but also a soakaway, allowing the run off to soak away into the ground. An area of the lagoon will have an impermeable liner which will hold some water, creating a small wetland and improving scope for increased biodiversity.

This is the third time that SCC has scheduled these works, so it is hoped that this time they will be started on time and completed as soon as possible.