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31st Oct 2017 Last updated at 17:38

More on Golf Club Sale

The CRA has received a number of comments from CRA members requiring further detail about the golf club sale, which was described in our October newsletter. We would like to respond to these comments as follows:

In 2014 the club initiated a proposal to build 6 houses in the green keeper’s compound off How Lane to release capital and pay off debt. This resulted in a considerable number of meetings between the club, the club’s architect, the CRA, the CVPS and Keith Foremen, our local RBBC councillor on the planning committee. These meetings were intended to clarify the implications of building on Green Belt land and identify a viable solution.

This developed into a proposal in early 2017 from Quantum Homes, a local developer, to build 8 houses on the site. If this application had been successful, it would have released almost £1million to the club on the sale of the land. Linked to this application was an offer from the CVPS to buy the land owned by the club (excluding all assets) for about £200K, for lease-back at a peppercorn rent. Clearly, if the Orida bid is completed, these options will not be pursued.

As a detail, it should be noted that for as long as there is an offer on the table from Orida, the Very Special Circumstances that are required to justify development on Green Belt land are null and void whilst there is a willing buyer to buy the club, as the club is deemed to be financially viable.