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29th Jan 2018 Last updated at 11:57

More Developments in Coulsdon

And more traffic rat running through Chipstead

 Just before the Christmas holiday, Croydon Council released details of what it plans to do with the Lion Green Road Car Park and two other important properties in Coulsdon.

 Brick by Brick, a development company, which is wholly owned by the Council, has submitted planning applications for almost 200 new residential units, a health centre and a theatre complex on sites which are wholly owned by the Council and located around the heavily over-saturated junction between Chipstead Valley Road (CVR) and Lion Green Road (LGR).

 Regular readers of this newsletter will be aware of the importance of this junction. When it is over saturated, traffic backs up in CVR and LGR, blocks the roundabout at Marlpit Lane and encourages more peak hour traffic to rat run through our village.

 Croydon Council granted permission for the Cane Hill development on the condition that the capacity of this junction would be improved. It acknowledged that an improvement was needed to ensure that the surrounding road network would not become unacceptably congested. Although the Council has known for more than four years that such an improvement was necessary, the works have been delayed and delayed are now due to start in the week commencing 12th February. When the improvement works have been completed, we will all be able to see for ourselves whether the 2013 traffic modelling predictions were correct. If not, and the junction continues to perform unsatisfactorily, TfL has undertaken to review the need for a direct connection between Cane Hill and the Coulsdon bypass. 

 Meanwhile, before the effect of the junction improvements can be assessed, these latest developments are proceeding, with the Transport Assessment accompanying the applications claiming that the cumulative impact of these developments on the local highways network will be negligible.

 The CRA will be objecting to the planning applications on the grounds that the proposed developments will cause serious disruption to the surrounding road network and that their cumulative impact on the CVR/LGR junction and the knock on effect in Chipstead have not been properly considered. The CRA will also argue that the developments will reduce even further the availability of short and long term parking facilities in the town centre, which are already overstretched.

 Comments on the planning applications have to be submitted by 26th January. All residents are encouraged to object by selecting the “Comments” tab and “Make a Comment” on the Croydon council website. Links to the relevant council applications are shown below. Information and drawings can be found using the “Documents” tab.

 Lion Green Road Car Park

 17/06297/FUL - Redevelopment of site to provide 5 blocks of five, six and seven storey buildings providing 96 one bedroom, 42 two bedroom and 19 three bedroom flats

 Calat Coulsdon Centre – near Waitrose

 17/06217/FUL - Partial demolition and reconfiguration of the existing building, including the erection of a new multi-purpose function hall together with car parking, landscaping and other associated works | Former Calat Coulsdon Centre 41 Malcolm Road Coulsdon

 Coulsdon Community Centre – off Chipstead Valley Road

 17/06216/FUL - Demolition of existing community centre and erection of 33 residential units comprising 4 one bedroom flats, 12 two bedroom flats and 17 three bedroom houses, together with provision of car parking, landscaping and other associated works. Land North East Of Barrie Close (Coulsdon Community Centre) Chipstead   Valley RoadCoulsdonCR5 3BE