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2nd Oct 2017 Last updated at 17:25

Chipstead Planning Applications to September 2017

You can examine any of these applications in detail on the planning section of the RBBC website at:

 The CRA carries out an assessment of each planning application based upon the information presented on the RBBC website and the planning rules in force at the time.  If additional clarification is required, we will contact the RBBC planning officer concerned and/or our local councillor. It is not possible for the CRA to proactively contact individual residents who may be affected by a planning application, so if you have a strong objection or have additional information, please contact the CRA at:  [email protected]

 17/01987/HHOLD - 4 Hollymead Road Chipstead - Demolition of existing garage, wc and store. Construction of new garage with bedrooms over and new single-storey rear extension.  Construction of front extension and additional first floor to existing single-storey lounge and associated external works.

Comments submitted on the potential for negative impact on neighbour amenity and on the mature trees on the site.

17/01719/HHOLD - The Gate House Hazelwood Lane Chipstead - Erection of single storey rear extension and first floor dormer window, with internal & external alterations and relocation of retaining wall. As amended on 31/08/2017.


17/02004/HHOLD - Fairview Outwood Lane Chipstead - Demolish single storey extension to rear and green house to side. Erect a two-storey extension to side.

Comments submitted that the extension may be more intrusive to the neighbouring property than the current single storey building it will replace.

17/01934/F – Hinsdale Outwood Lane Chipstead – Demolition of the existing detached bungalow and construction of 2 detached 5-bedroomed houses 

Application is for 2 x 2 1/2 storey detached houses on a reduced plot, land at the rear and front having been sold on to another property. 

Objections submitted on the grounds of an overdevelopment of the site; overbearing and unsympathetic to the area; harmful impact to neighbour amenity, highways safety and potential for damage or pressure to remove or over prune protected trees on the site. 

17/01864/HHOLD – Junipers 15 Stagbury Avenue Chipstead – To demolish existing conservatory and erect a single storey rear extension

No objections submitted.

17/01851/HHOLD – Priors Field House Markedge Lane Chipstead – Demolition of existing annexe and construction of replacement

Subject to the Conservation Officer’s comments, no objections submitted.

17/01729/HHOLD -  20 Old Oak Avenue Chipstead Coulsdon Surrey CR5 3PG - Proposed demolition of the existing single storey side extension and the conservatory to the rear and the construction of a new two-storey side extension and loft space accommodation and erection of rear single storey extension and erection of a carport in the front garden

Resubmission of the previous refused application with some design amendments.  Subject to the Tree and Landscape Officer’s comments, no further objections.


17/01732/HHOLD – Middlemarch 4 Lissoms Road Chipstead – Demolition and reconstruction of front boundary wall, replacement gate, proposed additional dropped kerb and removal of trees and hedges in front garden. 

Comments submitted on the impact on visual amenity of the removal of the hedges and trees required to accommodate an” in” and “out” drive, requested referral to Tree and Landscape Officer.

 Refused – excessive loss of existing hedges combined with the removal of 2 protected trees was not acceptable in principle.

17/01656/HHOLD – 4 Old Oak   Avenue Chipstead – Single storey rear/ side extension

No objections submitted.


Previous Applications

17/00812/F - Lodge Farm Markedge Lane Merstham Surrey RH1 3AW - Replacement dwelling and out-building

Permission granted.

17/01380/HHOLD – 72 Outwood Lane Chipstead – Demolition of existing garage and construction of new single-storey side/rear extension, open porch and associated external works. 

Permission granted. 

17/01541/TPO – Hinsdale Bridge Way Chipstead – Work to the lime trees in the front garden

Decision pending.

17/01367/HHOLD – Sally Port High Road Chipstead - Single storey rear extension to link garage and house. 

Permission granted.

17/01308/HHOLD – 16 Hollymead Road Chipstead - Single storey rear extension to link garage and house. 

Permission granted.

17/01188/HHOLD – Sunny Acre   Doghurst Lane Chipstead Coulsdon – Installation of automated inward swing access and exit gates to residential dwelling off Doghurst Lane

Permission granted.

17/00826/HHOLD - Beech Corner Hazelwood Lane Chipstead Coulsdon Surrey - Single storey side extension

Permission granted.

17/00631/HHOLD - The Hawthorns Monkswell Lane Chipstead Surrey CR5 3SU - Demolition of rear conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension. Construction of single storey side extension.

Permission granted.

 APP/L3625/W/17/3168151 - 16/01562/F – Ash Meadow Bridge Way Chipstead – Appeal on refusal for Erection of a dwelling and associated parking, alterations to the existing dwelling.

Appeal refused on the grounds that the proposal would cause material harm to the character and appearance of the area contrary to RBBC Planning policies and conflicts with the aims of the national planning framework.