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5th Jun 2017 Last updated at 16:49

A217 Roadworks

The ongoing roadworks on the A217 are causing a lot of traffic disruption and diversion in the local area, especially during peak periods. The CRA has received the following statement on this issue from our county councillor, Ken Gulati:

I thought it might be helpful to let you have the latest information about the work on the A217.

Following on from the flooding during the winter of 2013/14 the works aim to improve the reliability and resilience of the local road network. This is to mitigate the effects of major flooding events in the future and is being delivered in several phases of drainage improvements and carriageway resurfacing.

Until the end of June there is a 24 hour lane closure in place along the northbound carriageway between Banstead crossroads and Belmont roundabout. Following this the works will move on to the southbound carriageway for a further nine weeks. It is necessary for the lane closure to remain in place 24 hours a day for safety reasons whilst these works are carried out. In addition to these works Sutton and East Surrey Water will also begin working during June along the a 217 and further information about that will be available later.

There will be no traffic management in place between Friday the 2nd and Sunday 4th June to ease traffic congestion during the Derby weekend.

By reason of safety considerations for both road users and the workmen these particular excavation works cannot be carried out at night because of low visibility and the high risk of disturbing and damaging the utilities under the road.

The congestion in the area is of course a real concern particularly at the crossroads. The team are working towards moving the lane closures further away from the junction to help improve the traffic flow as soon as possible. Unfortunately owing to the location of the works and the close proximity to the crossroads the lane closures and current location for the traffic to merge to one lane are the safest options.

Generally speaking I understand that as major works like this progress congestion tends to ease as drivers find alternative routes and times to travel.

Up to date Information is available on the A217 webpage.

Ken Gulati