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2nd Feb 2016 Last updated at 20:21

Rats at Elmore Pond and the Recycling Bins

A number of residents have written to RBBC complaining about the rat infestation at Elmore Pond and the adjacent recycling bins. The following response from RBBC has been forwarded to the CRA:

 I am writing to update you in respect of your complaint.  I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to come back to you about this but the land affected is owned by more than one party and so co-ordination has been a challenge

As you will have noticed the vegetation around the pond has been cut back to remove some of the harbourage for vermin.  In conjunction with this I am now happy to report that a pest control contract is now in operation and bait is being taken; hopefully this means that rat numbers are on the decline.  This contract is being overseen by the Recycling Section at Reigate and Banstead BC

 Officers agree that it would be better to have the recycling bins sited away from the natural cover provided by the hedge and so our colleagues in the recycling service are consulting on this with the occupiers of the site.  Moving the bins would also prevent excessive littering under the hedge which is difficult to keep clear.  The recycling centre (along with other centres) will get a periodic deep clean to deter vermin going forwards.

 Mesh has been applied to the drain holes at the bottom of the bins to deter access for vermin too and lids are being repaired /replaced.

Nicole Longley

Senior Environmental Health Officer

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