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2nd Feb 2016 Last updated at 21:00

Proposed new southerly approach flightpath for Biggin Hill

In their February newsletter, the CRA highlighted the proposed change in flightpath to  Biggin Hill airport:

 I wish to object most strongly to the proposal for executive jets approaching  Biggin Hill for a north-oriented landing to be rerouted over the densely populated Purley/Coulsdon/Chipstead border areas.

To introduce further aircraft noise over such densely populated areas further away from Biggin Hill  is likely to mean increasing dramatically the un-necessary inconvenience to very many more dwellings under the new flightpath for the supposed benefit of very few.

The new approach route should be kept further east nearer to the airport as now, and over the least populated, rather the most populated areas. Any aircraft descending at low level cannot fail to be often noisy, dirty and disturbing in practice.

Studying the published actual routes adopted by individual aircraft approaching or leaving Gatwick also indicates how wide the band can be in real life around the notionally designated line, and how allowance has to be made for
pilots often departing significantly from published guidance.

Ron Akhurst

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