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19th Nov 2015 Last updated at 14:42

Dangerous Potholes

I have contacted Surrey CC (Anita Shakeel) to complain about the state of the pavement alongside the Rugby Club and to report the series of potholes and serious dips in the gutters and road surface of Coulsdon Lane. I faced an inquisition as to depth/size etc – which I refused to be drawn into – just advising they were unacceptably dangerous, damaging to the tracking of cars etc and requesting that the Highways officer pulled his finger out and got on the case for the benefit of all the Chipstead Council tax payers.

Needless to say – No action appears to have been taken by SCC to date. What do we pay our Council Tax for? Does anybody have any ideas or can anybody with influence with SCC get some action on the forever contentious issue of the state of the roads (and pavements) in Chipstead?
John Bunner

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