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7th Nov 2015 Last updated at 18:21

Chipstead Firework Night

Following a very wet bonfire/fireworks event on our Meads, and once again the destruction of our 'Village Green'  can the village residents show their opinion on whether they want this event to continue?

Is it for the residents? It appears that most of the visitors are from outside our area, do we want this anymore?

It is for Charity, but to allow the continued destruction of our only open space seems to be going too far.

The Meads were donated to the community for community use, should we continue to allow events that simply cause major damage?

It is OUR village green.

Peter Quiney

David Selfe, Chairman, of the Chipstead & Hooley Bonfire Association, has submitted the following response:

The Meads is a great location, due to its layout, on which to hold the bonfire event as well as serving the community and its surrounds for dog-walking and rugby.  In September this year, we were approached by the rugby club to consider moving the bonfire away from the designated training area in front of the clubhouse.  The short notice made it impossible to relocate anywhere else for this year, but there are options which we are already exploring for next year's event. 

We took great care in protecting as much of the rugby training area as possible but this left the public thoroughfare, the area directly in front of the clubhouse, to bear the brunt of the heavy "traffic", made undoubtedly worse by the relentless rain that fell during the day.  We cannot of course control adverse weather conditions but I am satisfied that we acquitted ourselves in doing all we could to mitigate damage to the rugby club's training area.  The 1st XV pitch, from where the fireworks display is launched, was cleaned up the next day and, upon inspection, bore minimal evidence of what had taken place the previous evening.  The Bonfire Association has agreed with the rugby club that it will make good the ground beneath the bonfire by clearing away unwanted debris, adding new topsoil and re-turfing.

Our event is supported by members of the public, many of whom are Chipstead residents.  Equally, a number of attendees come from outlying areas, not dissimilar to those involved with the rugby club.  We believe this is a highly regarded and professional display which is enjoyed by the residents of Chipstead and its neighbours.  Local charities such as QEF and Blond McIndoe Centre for burns injuries also benefit from the event.

David Selfe


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