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2nd Feb 2016 Last updated at 21:29

Parking Problems at Chipstead Station


I’ve just been reading the CRA article that suggests that the closure of Lion Green car park has moved commuter car parking to Chipstead station, and the associated problems for the shops.

 Whilst I agree that additional enforcement is required on the highway, this will not resolve the problem of the road outside the station parking being used to store cars potentially for sale which is not highway and therefore not managed by Surrey CC.  Since the change in rules regarding displaying tax discs it is not possible to see which cars are taxed, but from the state of some of the cars it is clear that they have not been moved for some time.  The fact that cars are parked blocking in other cars implies that the same person several.

 Whilst I agree that parking in the one hour bays is bad for business, it is unfair on commuters, most of whom are actually locals, when at least 10 parking spaces in what is effectively the station car park are unavailable.

 Nowhere have I read what action the CRA and others are taking in trying to get Network Rail to address this problem.  I would suggest that this is the major cause of the parking problems.

 Please note I do not regularly park at the station, but like many commuters see the high number of cars almost abandoned taking up space and consider it to be unfair.

The portion of land around the station owned by Network Rail is let to GTR, (who operate Southern trains) for the duration of their franchise. At the last East Surrey Transport Committee meeting (which is attended by the CRA)  GTR confirmed that they were fully aware of the car business being operated there and they were looking into options for improving the parking arrangements. One option was herringbone parking to increase capacity, but GTR would need to cover costs by introducing parking charges.
The CRA will follow up this issue - Ed

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