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Chipstead Village Fair & Flower Show

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The Chipstead Village Fair and Flower Show has been held in the village continuously, apart from the war years, since 1909. It is always held within the octave of St. Margaret's Day, 20th July, the date of the Old Chipstead Fair. At the end of the 19th century it was part of a joint show with Merstham and Chaldon and was held in each village in turn. 

For some years before 1909 it was held at the Mission Hall, Mugswell under the chairmanship of the Rector. Later, it was transferred to Shabden and was held there and at Elmore alternately. The owner of Shabden, Lord Marshall, made it the event of the summer, and he invited the entire neighbourhood to tea in his garden. There was a band, sideshows and roundabouts. After his death, it was held at Longshaw and since the war at Elmore. In 1959 the show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its being held in Chipstead and the centenary celebration in 2009, which featured aerial acrobatics by a Spitfire aircraft.

The Show now attracts over 2000 visitors each year and represents one of the few remaining traditional village events of its type. Exhibits are staged in a large marquee and cover a wide range of adult and children's classes. Adult entries range from fruit and vegetables to cookery and handicrafts, while children's classes, well supported by local schools, cover skills such as painting, handwriting and modelling. Also on the showground are a wide variety of sideshows together with craft stalls and a programme of entertainment in the ring. A long-standing feature is the Elmore Seven Run, which has raised significant amounts for charity over the years. To complete the village atmosphere, the tea tent provides home made cakes and sandwiches to be enjoyed whilst listening to the silver band. 

Volunteers to help stage this unique event are always needed and very welcome. 

Elmore, High Road, Chipstead, Surrey 

The Association relies on donations and sponsorship and also income from entrance fees and attractions at the annual Show. 

Contact Name and Address
Peter Quiney (Vice Chairman)
(01737) 556 686

Facebook: [email protected]

St. Margaret's Church Fete

Church Fete

This increasingly popular summer event is held in the church graveyard (and partly inside the church in inclement weather!). It is usually held in the second half of June, sometime before the Chipstead Village Fair and Flower Show, and is a more informal event run by the PCC and active parishioners.

It was first held as the Rectory Garden Party in 1973 by the Rev. Canon Christopher and Mrs. Blair Fish in their large garden at the former Rectory in Elmore Road, and was a popular local event. It often had a specific theme, such “Victorian” or “Scottish”. When Christopher retired in 1989, the Rectory was sold off by the church commissioners and is now a private house.

In 1990 the new Rector was the Rev. John Goodden, and after some procrastination it was decided that he and his family would live in a new Rectory in Starrock Lane. This had a much smaller garden, but John decided to keep up his predecessor’s tradition, holding it first there in 1995. During the interim, the Garden Party was held in the garden of the “Old School” in the High Road for a year or two, while it was being converted into private houses.

Over the next 10 years the Garden Party increased its scope considerably, with tombolas, games and teas, etc, and was always well supported by neighbours and parishioners but very limited for space. When the Rev. Patrick Bateman came in 2005 with his young family, it was decided to move the venue again, this time to the churchyard where it is now known as St. Margaret’s Church Fete. After a very damp start in 2007, when everything had to move into the church, the new venue turned out to be a great success. It now has pony rides, an entertainer and magician, games, a wide variety of stalls, young farm animals and a Grand Draw.

Volunteers to help with the Fete are always welcome.


St. Margaret's churchyard


Jenny Smith

01737 552160

[email protected]

London to Brighton Bike Ride

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Each June since 1980, over 25,000 cyclists on the London to Brighton Bike Ride pass through Chipstead. This charitable event supports the British Heart Foundation, and to date has raised over £35 million. 

Chipstead has secured one of the official refreshment stops on Chipstead Meads and provides food and drink to thousands of individual cyclists. All proceeds from the refreshment tent go to the British Heart Foundation. 

Volunteers to man the food tent and prepare sandwiches and cakes for this event are always very welcome. 

Contact Name and Address
Wendy Vaughan
01737 553348
Email [email protected]

Chipstead and Hooley Bonfire Association

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The Chipstead and Hooley Village Bonfire has been held every year for some 30 years on Chipstead Meads on 5 November to celebrate Guy Fawkes and the (failed) Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The event is invariably held on the 5th, except when that falls on a Saturday or Sunday and it is held on the preceding Friday. 

Originating as a joint operation by the Residents Associations of the two villages, spectators initially brought their own fireworks, but this soon developed into an organised display. The bonfire and fireworks are now run by a small independent team and any new members would be very welcome. 

Latterly, we have focussed more on the firework display than the bonfire itself, partly because we do not have the resources to build an enormous bonfire and also because spectators seem to prefer a smaller fire with the accent on the firework display and other attractions. 

For the last 2 years we have introduced electronic firing of the display, with the assistance of 'Le Maitre', which produces spectacular effects. It is also much safer than lighting the fireworks manually. We now mainly use mortars – up to 6 inch – and when set out, the display area resembles a battlefield. 

The Scouts, Beavers, Guides and Brownies light the fire and the Whitgift Corps of Drums usually give a display before the lighting. Other attractions include children's roundabouts and fairground stalls and the Mini Rugby section provide drinks and hot food. 

Proceeds of the event mainly go towards providing the funds for the following year, but donations are made to local groups and we have recently been making donations to the Blond McIndoe Centre at East Grinstead, a medical research facility for burns and regenerative technology, and the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Banstead.

Contact Name and Address
David Selfe (Chairman)
Email: [email protected]