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This Village Archive is a wonderful insight into Chipstead past and present.  It is a record of village life spanning many years of history, and covering a remarkable variety of subjects. The articles describe the multitude of events that have taken place in Chipstead over the years, mainly told by people who have spent at least part of their lives in the village. Many of the articles are biographies of Chipstead residents, past and present, who have enjoyed interesting lives. To bring the subject matter alive, each article is profusely illustrated with historic photographs, paintings and sketches.

The Village Archive is the brainchild of our village archivist, Rupert Courtenay-Evans, who has committed himself to a great deal of painstaking work in compiling articles from the wealth of printed material in the Chipstead archive. This work has brought the history of Chipstead to a much wider readership and in a much more accessible form.

The website committee would like to thank all the individual Chipstead residents who have contributed articles, and especially St. Margaret's Church, who have kindly allowed access to the Parish Magazine archives, which provide such a rich source of information dating back to 1922.  We would also like to thank the Bourne Society, who have allowed access to their many publications, a magnificent source of history and images.  We are also indebted to Charles Pringle and Frances O'Donnell, authors of "A History of Chipstead/Memories of the 20th Century", published by the CVPS, which has become essential reading for all who are interested in Chipstead's history.

If you would like to contribute an article (with supporting photographs if you have them) describing aspects of village life that you would like to share with others, or you would like to comment on the existing material, please send an email to:

[email protected]

Editors comments to the articles are shown in italics.


Remembering the Fallen of the Great War 1st Dec 2014

Our Village Archivist, Rupert Courtenay–Evans, has compiled the following details of the Chipstead soldiers who lost their lives ...

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Chipstead`s Lost River 24th Sep 2014

by Rupert Courtenay-Evans "When Croydone Bourn doth upwards ryse, disaster dyre before us lyse" So runs the warning from Camden`s Bri...

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The Hamlet of Old Mugswell 18th Jun 2014

by Rupert Courtenay-Evans Before the coming of the railway in 1899, the village of Chipstead that we know today consisted mainly of fa...

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The Grange - 1899 - 2012 12th Jan 2014

By Rupert Courtenay-Evans        This is the history of The Grange in Hazelwood Lane, one of the ea...

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The Search for "Lilac Cottage" 9th Jan 2014

By Rupert Courtenay-Evans  This is the story of the Cox family, who lived in Mugswell in Victorian times. It is also the story of...

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Mark Banham - a Reforming Farmer at Shabden Park Farm 4th Jan 2014

Shabden Park Farm, before Mark arrived, consisted of 263 acres of Green Belt farmland owned by the Surrey County Council, who wanted a ...

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Colin Vaughan and the Chipstead Rugby Club 30th May 2013

Colin Vaughan`s farewell to the CVPS on 12th November 2012 after 4 years as Chairman. Colin Vaughan's tenure as chairman of the C...

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Professor Trevor Powles 5th Feb 2013

A Profile of Professor Trevor Powles, CBE. MD. PhD. FRCP.  By Angela Wright and Rupert Courtenay-Evans Professor Trevor Powles i...

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The Surrey Green Belt 20th Dec 2012

Probably more than any other single factor, the Surrey Green Belt has protected Chipstead from high density development and has preserv...

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A Profile of Canon Andrew Britton 4th Aug 2012

A Profile of Canon Andrew Britton B.A.Oxon, M.Sc.Lond. Andrew Britton is very well known to the congregation of St Margaret’s an...

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