Keeping Up Appearances

Sign Posts

SignpostThe CVPS replaced the 8 original metal signposts located in and around the Village with wooden posts more in keeping with our rural surroundings. Unfortunately, these posts suffered the ravages of the weather and with the assistance of the Surrey County Council the posts were refurbished with new aluminium silk screen-printed fingerboards. In addition, the City of London "Coal Posts" that mark the point at which duty became payable on coal and wine being transported into the City of London, have also been renovated. Some 250 posts were set up after the Coal Act of 1851 within a radius of approximately 20 miles from the General Post Office in the City of London.

Notice Boards, Stiles and Benches

Hardwood notice boards have been installed around the village and at Mugswell. These are used to publicise local events and notices by societies and organisations within the village. There are several benches positioned throughout the village for the benefit of residents.

Each member of the CVPS Committee has a responsibility for checking the notice boards, signposts and benches to ensure they are in good condition and, if not, to arrange remedial work.