Historical Landmarks

Preserving Historical Landmarks

The Granary and Pumphouse are notable village landmarks and two of the few remaining historical sites in the area.

The Pumphouse

The Granary

The Granary is an historical wooden building on staddle stones set back from Outwood Lane and close to the Rambler's Rest Inn. It is believed to be of medieval origin but had fallen into serious disrepair. In 1982 the Council granted a 25 years lease to the CVPS for a nominal rent on the understanding that they would renovate the Granary to the standard approved by the Council's Building Heritage Officer. In spring 2006 necessary maintenance was completed to protect this very unusual structure.

The Pumphouse

Residents of Chipstead will be familiar with this ancient building close to Castle Hill. The history of the Pumphouse is varied. Some say it is where criminals were kept while others suggest that it was a pen for stray animals. However, presumably it was originally the site of the village pump. The Council owns the Pumphouse but it was in such a state of disrepair that the CVPS volunteered to restore it. The roof was retiled, the stonework re-pointed and a cast iron pump bolted into the concrete. Regrettably three weeks later the pump was stolen! This will be replaced again in 2006.