Environmental Projects

The CVPS works hard to maintain the local environment. It has protected and planted many trees and shrubs as well as over 10,000 daffodils and crocuses. Footpaths and areas of grass have been cut and maintained and overgrown areas restored. Two environmental projects are the continuing maintenance of Elmore Pond and recently the support of Embers Shaw.

Elmore Pond

Elmore PondOur village pond was once a home to rare plants, ducks and an abundance of wild life. Over the years an increase in traffic and a continual littering and dumping of rubbish heavily polluted the water and as a result the wild life disappeared. The pond was also threatened by an invasion of New Zealand Stonecrop (Crassula Helmsii) that was suffocating all other vegetation. Water analysis showed that high levels of oil, metal and rubber were draining from the High Road into the pond, apparently encouraging the Stonecrop to thrive. It could not be eradicated by the use of pesticide. The CVPS, Surrey County Council, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and the Downlands Countryside Management Project (a voluntary organisation) joined forces to tackle this problem.

Surrey County Council raised the footpath to prevent drainage from the road and installed an interceptor to filter the rainwater before it ran into the pond. The trees next to the Peter Aubertin Hall's drains were felled, the pond was emptied and dredged and the silt drained and removed. Unfortunately, that year we suffered a drought but in time the pond filled naturally with rainwater.

Every year the CVPS employs a pond maintenance company to clear unwanted and invading pondweeds such as the New Zealand Stonecrop and to thin out Reed Mace, Pennywort, Fringed Water Lily and Bur Reed. Our pond is currently one of several in the South being used in new treatment for the eradication of both Stonecrop and Pennywort. This action will ensure that Elmore Pond continues to be an attractive feature of our village and a natural wildlife habitat.

Starrock Lane Pond

The CVPS has organised the of clearing of the small Pond at the end of Starrock Lane, on Vincent Green. It is the CVPS Committee's aim to restore this pond to its original state and hopefully encourage ducks and other wildlife to return. The future management of this pond will be under the control of the Downlands Countryside Management Project team.

Church Green Pond

This little known pond, hidden away at the corner of Hogscross Lane across from Church Green, was drained and relined by the CVPS with considerable help from the Downlands Countryside Management Project team.

Embers Shaw

Chipstead still retains a large area of agricultural and Green Belt Land and attracts many walkers and horse riders with its numerous footpaths and bridleways. In 1999 a local farmer wanted to sell a parcel of land between the Football Club and Elmore Road. A Chipstead resident, Colin Vaughan, purchased the major portion, a 9-acre field known as Embers Shaw and the Football Club acquired the remaining strip of land adjacent to the playing fields. Colin Vaughan made an arrangement whereby he would leave Embers Shaw to the CVPS in his will for the benefit of the village with the proviso that the CVPS should then undertake its maintenance.

Having buried up to 10 tons of rubbish and cleared the undergrowth he then planted trees, grass and meadow flowers. The field is now transformed. A scheme was created whereby local residents could sponsor a tree for £100. There are more than 30 different species that have been sponsored already. There are many more trees waiting for your sponsorship and for an additional cost of £12 a small plaque bearing your name (or loved ones to be remembered) can be placed at the base of the tree. The funds, paid to the CVPS, will contribute towards the upkeep of Embers Shaw in the future. However, ownership of Embers Shaw by the CVPS will be a long term financial commitment estimated as requiring a Capital sum of £50,000 to cover its preservation, maintenance and insurance.

A woodland path as been installed from the southern side of Elmore Road opposite the PA Hall to Church Green. This provides a safe walk connecting with a footpath from the Church to Star Lane.

Neale's Field

A new stile has been built in the centre of Neale's Field opposite Starrock Lane that enables pedestrians to cross safely at a particularly dangerous junction on Coulsdon Lane. More recently a permissive footpath has been created running diagonally through the field from a new kissing gate on How Lane, to the stile on Coulsdon Lane.