Managing Change

Neale's FieldIt is certain that, as the 21st Century progresses, population growth and urban sprawl will encourage the development of virgin land resulting in increased traffic on existing roads and the erosion of village and rural ways of life. This danger particularly affects and concerns Chipstead residents, our village being so close to Greater London. The CVPS intends to try to identify these threats and where possible to take action before they develop to a stage where prevention or modification is too late.

Careful and intelligent management of the CVPS funds by successive Treasurers has helped to maintain its financial assets. Nevertheless the low interest rate and the merely nominal rent now received for Neale's Field means a greatly reduced investment income.

Therefore the CVPS has become very dependent on subscriptions and bequests in order to maintain its level of assistance to the village.

However in order to do this the CVPS will need to increase its resources through the financial commitment, as well as the encouragement and support, of every member of the community. With this backing the CVPS will provide a major force to Manage Change sympathetically now and in the years to come.