What is the CVPS?

St Margaret's ChurchElmore PondMost Chipstead residents are aware of the CVPS but some might be confused as to how it differs from the Chipstead Resident's Association (CRA). Some may wonder why there are two different organisations.

Their roles are quite different. The CVPS is dedicated to the preservation of Chipsteads environment, buildings and amenities all of which contribute to the quality of life in the village. It has accumulated funds to enable projects to be pursued but significantly it is also a registered charity and as such has both privileges and responsibilities.

On the other hand the Chipstead Residents Association (CRA) deals with a wide range of matters of day to day concern such as traffic problems, speed restrictions, upkeep of the village roads including the damage caused by cable television, rubbish collection, re-establishing the name of Chipstead in the Royal Mail address system, to name but a few. The CRA also regularly reviews planning applications and if any threaten the general landscape or amenities of the village the CVPS may become involved.

Co-ordination between the two organisations is maintained by having at least one resident on both committees and by a regular exchange of Minutes. Preserving the village is not the same as opposing all development. Several successful developments have gone through unopposed, for example Gatwick Farm and the School Mews on the original site of Chipstead First School.

The CVPS Committee is made up by 14 members. Some have been involved since the Society's inception. The work is both challenging and rewarding and the Committee is always willing to welcome new members who can offer energy, dedication and enthusiasm.