About the CRA

The CRA is managed by a Committee of up to 15 members who attend monthly meetings. Three ward councillors from the Borough of Reigate and Banstead, and one councillor from the Surrey County Council regularly attend these meetings. The Committee includes a number of professionals from disciplines such as town and country planning, highway planning, financial services, architecture and engineering, who are able to offer expert opinion. The committee is thus well structured to provide an effective voice on behalf of Chipstead when making representations to local authorities, utilities, transport operators, service providers, property developers and other organisations which operate locally.

In order to keep abreast of local developments and opinion, the CRA regularly invites representatives from local organisations such as the Police, local businesses, sports clubs and churches to the monthly meetings. This provides an excellent opportunity for these organisations to present their opinions, hear the views of the committee and agree appropriate action.

The CRA also works closely with the Chipstead Village Preservation Society (CVPS), a registered charity, whose distinct yet complementary objectives are:

To protect, preserve and enhance for the benefit of the public generally, and especially for the inhabitants of Chipstead, land and buildings of beauty or historic interest and amenities (including the Peter Aubertin Hall) in, or in the vicinity of, Chipstead, and to promote such protection, preservation and enhancement."

The village is fortunate to have the CVPS which does have substantial funds available for providing vital financial support to many village organisations and valuable funding to preserve village infrastructure, so long as the purposes to which they are put are consistent with the CVPS's charitable status and purposes.

Further details of the role and activities of the CVPS can be found on this website.