On Outwood Lane stood Stagbury House, a delightful 18th century mansion with an estate running at the lower level along the Chipstead valley and rising up to How Lane. The house was the home of Thomas Walpole (1755-1840), son of the Hon Thomas Walpole, owner of Carshalton House from 1767 to 1782.

In the 1890s Henrietta Vade-Walpole oversaw the sale of land on the Stagbury estate to the South Eastern Railway with a view to exploiting the potential of the railway for property development, primarily aimed at wealthy City financiers. Walpole Avenue, with its substantial houses and large gardens, was laid out in 1901 and steadily developed over the next 40 years. Chipstead Golf Club, on the site of the former Doggetts Farm, was established in 1905.

Stagbury house was demolished in 1972 and replaced with a development of town houses. All that remains are the two cedar trees which once graced the garden and now dwarf the houses in Old Oak Avenue.