Pirbright Manor

Pirbright Manor in Hogscross Lane dates from 1242, and was the site of the ancient manor house of Peter de Perefrith, a local landholder. The house was rebuilt in the 16th century and became the beautiful Elizabethan building set in glorious grounds that we see today. The historic residential area at Ruffetts End was part of the Pirbright estate.

Around 1905 John Acton Garle inherited Pirbright Manor, but only held on to it for a few years. During the 1930s and 1940s Sir Walter and Lady Moberly owned the estate, and in 1948 it was sold to Helen Delmege and TheodoraTurner who converted it into Fair Dene School, an independent school for girls up to the age of 11 and boys up to the age of 7.

When the school closed in 1984, the main house was converted into apartments with additional dwellings in the adjoining buildings and barn. The beautiful grounds remain today as they were when it was both a school and a country estate.