Since the end of the Second World War, Elmore has been well known in Chipstead as the home of the annual Village Fair and Flower Show. The original house at Elmore was built in 1866 by Henry Butler, a prosperous wine-merchant of Fenchurch Street.

Upon Butler's death in 1909, the property was acquired by Thomas Moss Cheesman, a London stockbroker, and his wife Eva. In 1925 the property passed to Alexander Waddell Dods, who demolished the original house in 1926 and built the present property in the style of the period.

In 1935 Norman Wates and his wife Margot (Peggy) moved to Elmore. The Wates Building Group was founded by Norman's father in 1897 and his three sons, Norman, Ronald and Alan greatly expanded the Company by pioneering speculative house building in the 1920s and 1930s. Norman Wates died in 1969 and since then his son John and his family have been living at Elmore.

Commenting on the layout of the Elmore estate, John Wates says, "I think the land at the back of the three estates – Longshaw, Elmore and Shabden – was deliberately laid out for beating the pheasants from one end to another. There were certainly plenty of pheasants around in those days as my mother remembered well."

Elmore is now the only large property in Chipstead to continue as a family estate.