The Village Grows

By the beginning of World War I all the Chipstead mansions had been built. A small group of houses had grown up on Starrock Green and a group of four at the junction of High Road with Coulsdon Lane. Walpole Avenue had been laid out, but not many plots had been built on. Portnalls Road was laid out, and the former footpaths at Hollymeoak and Rickman Hill were converted into roads.

In 1910 Hollymead Road was laid out with holly hedges on either side to mark the parish boundary. The lower shops in Station Approach had been built and Lackford Road was only partly built. Court Hill was completed although Chipstead Way was only projected. By 1933 most of the houses in Hollymead Road, Coulsdon Lane and Starrock Lane had been built and by this time Chipstead really did feel like a genuine village community with a vigorous social life. This period also saw the establishment of most of the clubs and societies that we know today.