The 19th Century

The 19th Century saw the erasure of the surviving traces of the Middle Ages and the dawn of our modern world. The last vestiges of feudal customs ceased to exist, the isolation of a rural upland village melted away, and politically the tentacles of the nation state made themselves increasingly felt.

Chipstead continued to be an isolated rural parish until the 1870's after which the enormous wealth generated in the City and Empire began to attract businessmen looking for a rural residence with convenient access to London. Accordingly, a number of imposing mansions with large estates such as Elmore, Starrock Court and Longshaw were built for the wealthy, and several existing farms were transformed into large country houses and estates.

The census of 1851 showed that the population of the parish had risen to 505, and by 1891 to 688, the land now being dominated by large estates with an increasing demand for domestic staff to support large houses with elaborate gardens, livery stables, dog kennels, and all the other accruements of wealth.